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  1. Rename 3ds games tool
  2. Official SDK version of makerom
  3. Program that can open CIA files without needing a Gateway
  4. Network CIA installer
  5. ROM INFO tool (region details etc...)
  6. shared_font.bin, etc. for citra
  7. 3DS emulator for pc
  8. Smash 3DS undub
  9. Request: Gateway .SAV Extractor
  10. files need to run certain games.
  11. Unity for 3DS
  12. Anyone have the CTR SDK?
  13. Discord for 3DS?
  14. 3ds emulators???
  15. No Ban No Sky
  16. [Request] CDN-FX by Ptrk25
  17. Scrubbed.
  18. Looking for SDK ManualTools/CTR-ManualEditor 1.4 banner editor .LZ extractor
  19. Looking for a new compiled MobiConverter
  20. 3ds sdk
  21. [Request] Fire Emblem Awakening (d) Arc Repacker?
  22. Request for a BCSAR Packer?
  23. [Request] The once uploaded CIA decrypter
  24. Older and Newer Versions of the CTR SDK?
  25. Config savegame
  26. NintendoWare for CTR (NW4C) - Any version (latest would be helpful)
  27. [Request] Pokemon USUM: Battle Backgrounds for Wifi Battles (Live)