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  1. pokemon conquest
  2. Pokemon White 2 and Black 2
  3. House Of Anubis - The Secret Of Osiris
  4. Kids Learn Math A+ Edition and Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar
  5. Wreck-It-Ralph DS
  6. Poptropica Adventures DS
  7. Nintendo DS goodset?
  8. scribblenauts unlimited for nds
  9. Pokemon Volt White 2 and Blaze Black 2
  10. Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life
  11. Harvest Moon Games
  12. Violetta: Rhythm and Music
  13. Super Scribblenauts [jap][DS]
  14. Petit Computer DSiWare
  15. Hiccup's NDS ROM Request Thread
  16. Shingeki no Kyojin (jpn_
  17. Pictochat ds roms version ?
  18. a fairy tale dsiware
  19. The legend of zelda Spirit Track EU Roms Patched ?
  20. latest ds roms redumps?
  21. Kirby Mass Attack Nintendo Channel Demo
  22. Dekisugi Tingle Pack (DSiWare) (JAP)
  23. PokÚPark: Asari Taikai DS (JAP) (DS Download Play)
  24. Chrono Trigger DS (Good Dump)
  25. Jaseikin Necromancer
  26. firmware.nds ?
  27. r0mloader.nds?
  28. mhx pacth v 1.3
  29. Summon Night X Tears Crown English patched?
  30. The Nameless Game: Eye (Nanashi No Game: Me)
  31. DSiware request
  32. {REQUEST} Level5 Premium - Platinum (Japan) (Demo).nds
  33. Full USA Rom Pack
  34. DSI 6 in 1 Dictionary with Camera dsiware Rom Request
  35. Looking for: Pokemon 10ANNIV Multiboot distribution rom
  36. Looking for Rune Factory 4 Europe version - Help !
  37. Petit Computer
  38. [Request] Super Mario 64
  39. Pokemon NDS Games
  40. Request: Castlevania: Dawn of Dignity (New Portraits Hack), please?
  41. [Request] Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story CLEAN rom
  42. Nintendo DSi + Internet (USA)
  43. REQUESTING FOR Zoids Saga DS - Legend of Arcadia ENGLISH version/translation
  44. [Request] MegaMan Zero Collection AP-patched ROM
  45. Dsiware preservation thread
  46. Pokemon Diamond USA ROM
  47. Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt Rom
  48. Phoenix Wright Trilogy USA
  49. [REQ] Zenonia.nds
  50. [Request] Professor Layton DS games UNDUB
  51. [Request] AP Patched Solatorobo ROM and more for nds-bootstrap (TW-Loader)
  52. [REQUEST] Mario Kart DS
  53. [REQUEST] Pokemon Conquest US AP Patched
  54. [Request] Phantasy Star 0 (AP-Patched)
  55. [REQUEST] - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (EUR) - AP Patched
  56. (REQUEST) Sonic Chronicles - The Dark Brotherhood (AP PATCHED)
  57. [Request] Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story NFR (USA Ver.)
  58. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs AP Patched
  59. No-Intro NDS Rom Fix Topic
  60. [REQUEST] Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story ROM
  61. [Request] Thanks I find.
  62. [Request] Inchworm Animation and I am in the Movie Rom
  63. I got Thanks....
  64. I got Thanks....
  65. Nintendo Zone Wireless Distribution Box DS Card ROM
  66. REQUEST Tivola Puzzle to Go Wildlife and Puzzle to Go Planets and Universe
  67. [Request] Tingle's Balloon Fight
  68. [REQUEST] Flipnote Studio DSiWare .app and .tmd
  69. [Request] Cave Story.nds DsiWare US version
  70. [Request] Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Grimoire of the Rift (USA) clean .nds
  71. Requesting the following ROMs, AP-Patched for TWiLiGHT MENU ++
  72. Looking for Boing! Docomodake ROM
  73. Pokemon Conquest (USA/PUSSYCAT)
  74. [Request] Yoshi's Island DS Music Hack
  75. [Request] New Super Mario Bros
  76. [Request] Dragon Quest IX (US)
  77. DSIWARE .nds uno
  78. [REQUEST] Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Misty Forest (English)
  79. Crystal Chronicles EOT and ROF ap patched
  80. Mario and Luigi:Bowser Inside Story?
  81. [Request] Chrono Trigger
  82. Ni no Kuni Translation [ENG] AP patched
  83. Request: Summon Swordcraft Story DS English translated
  84. Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Ōsōji!/Chibi Robo Clean Sweep Prepatched english rom
  85. [Request] luminous arc 3 english patched
  86. [Request] Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks D-Pad Edition Hack
  87. [REQUEST] Kirby: Canvas Curse and Patapon
  88. Request megaman zero collection (U) nintendo ds