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  1. Question about games that require update title
  2. transfert save jap to eur version
  3. Playing Monster Hunter 4G online using US 3ds.
  4. Question Regarding CIA And .3dz Files and the new 9.3 update
  5. how do I play 3ds roms on 6.2.0
  6. 4 n00b questions about cia, 2ds, 64 gb sd and emunand
  7. Help needed for a noobie
  8. Gateway on 9.2? .3dz/.3ds question
  9. Super n00b question about multiple 3ds files
  10. How do I play my SSB retail cart on Gateway Classic Mode?
  11. Monster Hunter 4G Online Help
  12. Need a couple things cleared up
  13. Heeeeeelp
  14. Help with SKY3DS Setup
  15. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate save transfer to Wii U with Gateway 3ds
  16. Help with GateWay blue card.
  17. Super Smash Bros 3DS black screen, need help
  18. How to test games on Citra 3DS Emulator?
  19. Help with r4i Dual-Core on 3DS
  20. Installing .cia files without Gateway 3DS microSD cart.
  21. i would like to know what is 3ds xorpad ?
  22. how to dump paid eshop games ?
  23. Downloading the MH4U Demo right now.
  24. dsiware not working after downgrade with gateway
  25. Canīt start Gateway Mode
  26. Possible to run gateway launcher through dstwo ofw 9.4+?
  27. Citizens of Earth CDN help
  28. Tomodachi life error
  29. gateway firmware update
  30. CIA Region free?
  31. I need some help...
  32. Gateway blue card. [HELP]
  33. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate US HELP
  34. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS save problems
  35. 3d0 to 3ds
  36. Are Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby and Super Smash Bros working on cfw 4.5
  37. help regarding gateway 3.0.4 emunand 9.5
  38. Original game+ DLC .cia
  39. Keep saves from .cia roms on cfw
  40. Help on V6.1.0-6E
  41. CIA game save location
  42. Question about New Sky3DS and headers?
  43. 3dsxl 4.2 gateway, do I need emunand 9x to play shovel night and Majora's Mask
  44. Monster Hunter 4 EUR Question
  45. Mt Card - problems with Zelda Majora's mask
  46. Cant transfer MH4U savegame from old 3ds XL to NEW 3ds XL
  47. Private header. People whit gateway please help me.
  48. Braviary default Problem!?!
  49. PokeBank
  50. Help with save data please when transferring..
  51. System Transferring help and questions??
  52. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online header problems???
  53. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online header problems???
  54. Tomodachi Life CIA error
  55. Need GW help and some noob questions
  56. Question about updating system?
  57. questions and tips for a noob
  58. How to use 7.x key for cfw
  59. n00b question here regarding flashcarts
  60. [Sky3ds-Blue Button]- Can't seem to play Kingdom Hearts 3D on Sky3ds (blue version)?
  61. Convert .3dz to .cia
  62. danger of ooze issue
  63. [QUESTION] about CIA games and save data
  64. A Link Between Worlds Help - SKY3DS
  65. Is anyone can play MH4g US online with JPN 3ds?
  66. Anyway to restore eShop game save data [Gateway]?
  67. Sky3DS not loading anything?
  68. Majoras Mask save from Cartidge to Rom
  69. MH4U USA DLC Japan 3DS
  70. Pokebank with Sky3DS?
  71. Do you need a gateway to use the Profile Exploit?
  72. change SD card need help .
  73. Help me get started plz
  74. Gateway .cia install
  75. Import Save To A Game?
  76. CFW to Gateway
  77. [QUESTION] Can SaveDataFiler work on Palantine CFW or any CFWs?
  78. how to update launchet.dat to the latest?
  79. Gateway update emunand black screen
  80. Help with Citra - Decrypted Roms
  81. Latest update
  82. Help Making Legit CIA Needed!
  83. Can't get Code Name STEAM to work for GW 3DS
  84. Save not working on other emuNAND (retail cart)
  85. Can't get games to work! :(
  86. [GW3DS] 9.2 3DS XL - CIA files for online play?
  87. 3DS games on 2DS
  88. Eur roms on latest firmware
  89. Model swapping in Pokemon x and y
  90. New to thread - how do i download the 3ds games - help please
  91. I'm about to give up trying to get Monster Hunter 4 U to work online for . Any Help?
  92. SaveDataFiler and converting save types
  93. CIA Help
  94. What is ( Venom) and how do i combine their parts
  95. Has anyone experienced CIA game freezing up on Nintendo boot screen(red and black)?
  96. Can't play online in Super smash bros 3DS
  97. Can't play Smash 3DS online
  98. Is there a place to trade in a 3ds XL for a New 3ds XL?
  99. Creating an account here.
  100. Sponsored: Download as Premium from 115 + Hosters with 1 Zevera Account
  101. Help With MH4U Sky3ds Template File
  102. Transferring data
  103. Can I used gateway to intall BigBlueMenu in CFW?
  104. Gateway Exploit with Sky3DS ??
  105. Transferring Sky3ds MH4U save to genuine MH4U via Save Data Transfer Tool
  106. Help with monster hunter 4 ultimate (gateway 3ds)
  107. Help with Mario vs Donkey Kong - Tipping Stars (SKY3DS) :S
  108. can you play Xenoblade Chronicles NEW 3DS on regular 3ds using GW?
  109. Is there a way to transfer cfw (cia) game's save file to sky3ds and/or original cart?
  110. Xenoblade Sky3ds Help!
  111. [QUESTION] Savefiler >> Old 3DS XL to New 3DS CIA Saves
  112. VC multiplayer problem
  113. Please help! frozen 3ds 8.1 gateway
  114. Black screen after EMUNAND update
  115. Updating emunand on my brand new gateway
  116. Getting emuNAND on New3DS?
  117. How To Avoid Bans With Headers?
  118. 3ds downgraded get retail save?
  119. Installing game updates
  120. Some questions about CFW and CIA Files...
  121. Sky3DS - Some Games Keep Restarting Indefinitely on SOME games
  122. Sky3ds Templates
  123. Craze E 1's ROM releases, issue with multipart files
  124. Parts of a rom
  125. please help palantene cfw
  126. Exploit Error. HELP!!!
  127. Play ROMs on 3DS
  128. gateway launcher.dat
  129. New 3ds 9.0XXE firmware
  130. 3ds smash bros 002-0123 error code
  131. How to join multiple .3ds files?
  132. Problem with GW on a R4 Gold Pro
  133. How to combine multiple .rar files for rom? Tried different things still lost.
  134. Manually online patch games
  135. Restore .sav to Retail cart?
  136. Use save from authentic 3ds game on gateway games
  137. Sd card vs Micro sd card dilemma !
  138. devmenu not appearing after succesful install
  139. 3ds online
  140. Needing Help (Newbie)
  141. Pokebank won't appear
  142. Online communication error?
  143. Installing Themes CIA HELP
  144. system error
  145. Can't access the Gateway menu.
  146. do i need update gateway to play most new game ?
  147. About Region-free CIA
  148. Shin megami Devil Survivor 2 streetpass problem
  149. Strange Problem MH4/Xenoblade 3ds
  150. What is v01 Games?
  151. Setting up a Region changed emiuNAND
  152. Real VC games (CIA)?
  153. Exheader inquiry
  154. Getting started and need an advice..
  155. How to play Online?
  156. save transfer help for brave default
  157. How to Apply spoof in a rom that is in a CIA format?
  158. Some CIAs not working with Pasta CFW
  159. How to check rom regions?
  160. HELP 3DS XL Updated while updating EMUNAND
  161. New - Have Question Please Help
  162. HELP.. [ACEXDESC ERROR] AccessDesc template is unavailable, please configure RSF file
  163. [SOLVED] HELP_ SSB updated after Emunand updated...Black Screen on Launch
  164. HELP_ SSB updated after Emunand updated...Black Screen on Launch
  165. Bravely Second 3DS File
  166. Need to find a reliable source for PC game ISO - Trusworthy Serial Key Gens
  167. Bravely Second JPN
  168. 3DS Dual Nand and CFW
  169. Lego Jurassic World cia trouble
  170. Please help this idiot update two physical japanese gamecarts
  171. cloning and transferring to bigger sd card
  172. Updating Legit Smash Bros, impossible?
  173. An error has occured
  174. HELP Sky3DS stops working with New 3DS
  175. Best option?
  176. Help me to have a "dreamland 64" in smash bros 3DS
  177. Fragmentation Error when trying to Play Rune factory 4
  178. Cfw on my o3ds 9.4.0-21u
  179. Can't see cia games in HomeMenu
  180. Anime Channel on US 3DS?
  181. Help looking for a way to play GBA roms on my 3DS GW
  182. Help super smash bros 3ds stage
  183. Fantasy Life EUR RF does not show up on my 3ds menu
  184. Help locating Omega Ruby ROM
  185. "There is Nothing Inserted Into Game Card slot" Gateway Ultra 3.2.2
  186. cia making help
  187. Pokemon Omega Ruby Update 1.4?
  188. fire emblem if and regionfour on sky3ds help appreciated
  189. Fantasy life EU online friend list problem
  190. Merging Eshop downloads/installed CIAs?
  191. help for dragon ball heroes 2
  192. i nee some help, please
  193. DLC Help
  194. Need help to update my New3dsXL to 9.5...(If possible)
  195. how to unlock vegeta ssgss in dragon ball heroes um2
  196. Delete CARD2 Save Data
  197. N3DS CFW/Card Question
  198. Help deciding
  199. Just got new 3ds never owned one need some help
  200. about emunand update (complete beginner)
  201. FBI Injection
  202. Hello, New here, quick q.
  203. Few questions about the 3Ds and gateway.
  204. GBA Error Occurred on emuNAND 9.9 with unlinked NANDS
  205. Need help with sky3ds freezing
  206. Help with N3DS please
  207. Help, with pkmn Mystery dungeon-gates to infinity
  208. Transfer Fantasy L Save?
  209. Same emuNAND in 2 SD cards (emuNAND injection)
  210. Beginner here!
  211. Is it possible to play DS games on 3DS CFW?
  212. downgrade n3ds xl
  213. question about .CIA files.
  214. Pls Help, Need an idiot proof guide to update Emunand :(
  215. How to install DLCs for MH4U on Gateway while offline?
  216. Where Do Virtual Console Roms Save?
  217. banned
  218. Getting your 3ds repaired by nintendo
  219. Can't play some EU roms onn my EU 3DS (Sky3ds)
  220. Please delete this post
  221. Yet another n00b seeking help/advice
  222. Help! Something went wrong, but I don't know what
  223. Gateway error: Installing Exploit Failed: 00000005 c86044cd (Reward Given)
  224. Anyone here buys the MEGA account?
  225. Could someone help me verify If this rom is broken?
  226. [HELP] My 3DSISO Account
  227. Looking for 4.5 Firware CIA FIles..( I'm a Noob )
  228. Problem booting Rx Tool
  229. Problems With AUX Port
  230. Can someone teach me how the 3ds can read sky3ds cart when inserted?
  231. need help please
  232. Getting Dog, Cat, And Rabbit Head from Find Mii in Mii Maker
  233. Thesaurus needed lol
  234. Can i intall patchs of pokemon using Sky3ds?Or can i play online if..
  235. It is possible to delete System updates ?
  236. New to CFW, sig check patch on n3ds9.0 no mset downgrade? Need help
  237. Pokemon AS
  238. Managed to modify default GBC Banner, but not 100% - need help...
  239. Gateway / Rom question!
  240. Save Editing for Gen 6 Pokemon games?
  241. Converting Card 1 to Card 2 games, games still saves on sd card?
  242. I bought the wrong 3ds.. and flashcard.. GATEWAY/SKY HELP!
  243. Animal crossing new leaf corrupted save
  244. Pokemon Bank?
  245. N3DS Gamestop or Walmart?
  246. PatchedAGB firmware
  247. Can I install legit CIAs and update the system?
  248. How to Uninstall of Delete 3DSTheme?
  249. Is it possible to hack pokemon xyoras for 3d everywhere?
  250. strip private info from .3ds files