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  1. 3DS Hacking FAQ Q and A
  2. flashcart not working correctly after screen calibration. help!
  3. is pokemon black and white 2 region locked?
  4. Can I Update?
  5. R4i Gold 2.0 on latest update?
  6. How to import audio files to 3ds recording
  7. Going for a 3DS XL
  8. Currently wanting to update
  9. DS Roms
  10. Can i play roms in 3ds?
  11. 3ds acekard question
  12. Help needed!! Question about updating my 3ds
  13. Questions about Multiplayer region lock.
  14. Flash Carts that work on 3DS XL?
  15. How to take Screenshot for 3Ds games...?
  16. Is there a way to bypass updates?
  17. Looking for a new flash cart
  18. Newb in 3DS handheld
  19. How do I play 3ds games with my sd card alone?
  20. how to delete 3ds update from SD after DL
  21. 3ds downloads?
  22. Can the DSi XL or 3DS Xl play GBA & DS Roms thru flashcart?
  23. How to create backups of my games
  24. Question about 3DS Gateway
  25. 3ds hack
  26. Original Bravely Default + Gateway
  27. 1 question.
  28. Help getting games
  29. Hi & some help needed!
  30. Gateway
  31. Hello Guys.............help please!!!!!
  32. 3DS e-shop games
  33. Gateway on 7.1?
  34. Flash Cards advice
  35. My Gateway Cart not working anymore
  36. gateway online?
  37. [Gateway 3DS] savegame management
  38. The game doesnt show up (gateway 2.1)
  39. Nintendo 3DS/2DS Hacking FAQ - New For 2014
  40. Planning to buy - Need some info on 3DS
  41. 3ds e-shop icon disappeared
  42. trimming 3ds roms
  43. can't open system when in gateway mode
  44. alternative way of updating games?
  45. There is Any working 3ds emulator for the pc ?
  46. Help with R4i Gold
  47. Help!! 3ds xl sceen frozen-touch screen unresposnsive
  48. 3ds xl + gataway
  49. Retail save trouble
  50. games not working on micro sd
  51. Question about game headers
  52. i have 3ds need help
  53. How do i play downlaod 3DS games?
  54. not showning GW next to my ver # in settings
  55. pokemon save problem
  56. What should I know to play 3ds roms?
  57. Not all games show up in the listing with R4I gold deluxe
  58. new to this
  59. Transfering
  60. White spot after cleaning my 3ds
  61. Youtube on 3ds
  62. Another thread about the Smash Bros. black-screen
  63. help with 3ds xl 7.1
  64. Boot directly into Gateway Mode
  65. updating GW Omega firmware + upgrading SD card
  66. How do you go online with games?
  67. eShop games
  68. General questions about Internet use
  69. Where to DL CIA Files
  70. I need help identifying these 3DS game IDs
  71. What's the purpose of GW Rom Splitter Tool?
  72. Injecting headers to games that are 4GB and higher + using the GW Rom Splitter Tool?
  73. Question to upgrade 3DS for Pokemon X
  74. What the h*** is a .cia file?
  75. SD 32GB wont work?
  76. Gateway Help
  77. Where to find RSF files
  78. can i update from 4.1 to 4.5 using gateway 2.6
  79. Gateway Stuck At "Loading..."
  80. how to extract and repack 3ds games
  81. How do I use DevMenu?
  82. Gateway Help
  83. Need help with my 3dz Omega Ruby save
  84. CIA Questions
  85. Help with Sky3DS?
  86. Pokemon AS Help ?
  87. Game Card Removed...?
  88. MT-Card & SSSB
  89. Gaist Crusher save to Gaist Crusher God on Gateway?
  90. [RESOLVED] Advice in Transfering PKMN from Y to AS
  91. 3ds update game??
  92. 7. keys sorry if wrong board
  93. Bumper doesn't jump back up I think I need a new spring..
  94. Opening .tmd file
  95. Does the R4i SDHC 3DS work on the 2DS.
  96. new 3ds LL
  97. Parntal Control Help
  98. Probs/Error with CIA
  99. difference between .3ds and .3dz
  100. How to get Pokebank without updating
  101. Newbie help please, received 3ds today
  102. updating to version 9.0
  103. Gateway emuNAND questions
  104. emu nand, cia files 3ds 3dslink?
  105. How do I convert my 3ds rom into CIA?
  106. I can't have an online battle in Pokemon OR
  107. Folders in emunand
  108. [TRANSLATION] 3DS Game?
  109. how to transfer my save from one cia to a newly installed cia of the same game?
  110. ROM updates
  111. Is it possible to transfer Streetpass Mii Plaza data?
  112. Black screen when launching game
  113. can't update super smash bros, ultra 3.0
  114. playing .3ds games while wifi is on.
  115. How can I mod Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS?
  116. 3DS downgrade: pokemon ORAS save corruption?
  117. Japanese keyboard in american 3ds?
  118. Worth updating to 9.4.0 or stay 9.0.0?
  119. caution question about deleting DLC data
  120. Playing US roms on Japanese 3DS via gateway (auto-language in some games?)
  121. How can I convert tex to img.
  122. Playing a game in a different language but having data from the original language
  123. Emunand and sysnand question
  124. 3ds japanese possbile to change language to english?
  125. Help on two part roms please
  126. Zelda Majora stopped working
  127. Professor Layton DLC puzzles on Gateway
  128. Need help updating
  129. Data transfer from 9.2 3ds to new 3ds xl
  130. Majora's mask save file disappeared?
  131. How do you play games you downloaded from eshop?
  132. Updating to 4.5 sysnand
  133. Need Help Decrypting
  134. Pokemon ORAS event links
  135. Is it possible to restore SYSNAND from previous file
  136. Majora's Mask Craze-E 1 Freezing
  137. games 3ds
  138. Upgrade to 9.4 from 7.1.0 for Sky3DS
  139. About Headers and Online play
  140. SKY3DS Saving Issue
  141. Help gateway
  142. 4.5 3ds xl and new games in cia format emunand
  143. Monster Hunter 4 not letting me save!!!
  144. How to unpack, edit and repack rom
  145. Tools for .arc files?
  146. Sky3ds Mario Kart 7
  147. Just got a 3ds XL... Now what do I do?
  148. Majora's Mask DS can it run a flashcard? Version 9.0.0.-20U
  149. Question about system transfer
  150. Sky3ds wont switch games
  151. What does "online" and "patched" mean?
  152. Request_ Need full nand backup(in readable archive format,ie zip, rar 7z)
  153. Pokemon Y (Japan) game is in English?
  154. Few questions
  155. Question about Save File edit like Action Replay 3DS power saves
  156. Safe data copy .3ds and original game
  157. Games showing up as white squares on Gateway menu / errors when launching games
  158. Need help installing legit super smash bros on cfw
  159. NEW 3ds xl FW9.0.0.20U and NEW red 3ds xl fw 9.5 choosing
  160. SKY3DS red no save data
  161. Is there a way to install/play Cia on system-nand by its self?
  162. HELP: Can't launch games
  163. Doubt Gateway version firmware
  164. Mh4u roms can't download DLC
  165. Need Help for first time loading Gateway 3ds menu
  166. Gateway 3ds menu not loading
  167. Cubic Ninja game cart could not boot into Gateway 3ds menu fw 9.0.0-20U
  168. Solved: Merge 3d0 and 3d1 files
  169. Need tutorial for compiling theme pack
  170. Animal crossing Savedatafiler ?
  171. Game keeps hanging in between turns for fire emblem!
  172. Black Screen of Death
  173. Can't scan Amiibo on Super Smash Bros.
  174. Convert .CIA to .3DS
  175. Bypassing Xenoblade Chronicles on Sky3DS firmware 9.4 upgrade requirement.
  176. Restore NAND Without Hardmod?
  177. [Problem] 3DS Lazy
  178. Spyhunter (US) bundled firmware version
  179. Update Internet Browser offline
  180. 3d caliberate gone after installing gateway 3.2 please help
  181. 3d caliberate option gone after installing gateway 3.2
  182. How to dump and share purchased eShop VC games
  183. trying to run smash bros on 3ds with my own header won't run game?
  184. pokebank with gateway? also one other question
  185. Problem Extracting Pokemon OR and LOZMM
  186. How to start Gateway without being Online?!?
  187. Update 3DS games via eshop?
  188. couple of NOOB questions.
  189. 3DS Newbie needs help: how to prevent auto- update.
  190. old 9.2 3ds xl mset expolit
  191. Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven sky3ds help?
  192. Need some help! Black wire
  193. sky3ds or gateway
  194. few questions from a newbie
  195. Can't update Smash Bros 3DS EU to newest dlc.
  196. Is this setup okay for Gateway?
  197. Question about separating the emuNAND and sysNAND on 3ds?
  198. Jse files for 3ds, what is this?
  199. Can I system transfer my emunand to another console sysnand ?
  200. O3ds on fw 9.8
  201. sky3d sav file to gateway sav file?
  202. Question about headers
  203. Need help running GBA games
  204. Under what circumstances do DLC content get deleted?
  205. Transferring save from Hatune Miku Project Mirai 2 to Mirai DX
  206. Updating Sysnand to 9.0-9.2 Safely
  207. O3DS Homebrew channel freezes
  208. How to restore system setting??
  209. Changing emuNAND region
  210. Freezing issue with Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker at download screen
  211. two quick questions
  212. 3DS PC Emulator?
  213. "The SD card was removed" error
  214. Dumping eShop games?
  215. New in 3DS hacking stuff. a Few questions?
  216. Patching nand to prevent auto updating?
  217. new 3ds 9.5.0-23
  218. Problem with Fantasy Life EU
  219. Booting emunand on a different 3ds?
  220. Cryptofix request
  221. Xorpads
  222. Options to downgrade to 4.x from 7.1.0-4e ?
  223. Can I use a 64GB SDXC (Formatted to Fat32) on an old 3ds?
  224. Need help
  225. Gateway/Sky3ds question
  226. Sysnand updating questions
  227. Updated sysnand... kinda? Showing amiibos optons but still on 8.1
  228. question about firmware
  229. Error Transfering AC:HHD 3DS save state to CIA
  230. Which Flash Card to play 2DS games on 3DS?
  231. Need some advice
  232. Are .cia saves recognized by .3ds games for save carryovers and special content?
  233. New to the 3ds hacking help some help please
  234. need help getting cheats to work with ARCode & or cheat plugin in NTR3.0
  235. need a game with firmware 9.5 on it
  236. N3ds with Gateway wont play CIA's??
  237. Unable to install sysUpdater. (wanting to install themehax)
  238. Question regarding which CFW should I use.
  239. Need help.....
  240. SD backup not working
  241. Private Header
  242. How do I know which games I need cryptofixed?
  243. Getting started, I need help.
  244. Flipnote Studio 3D Problem
  245. 3ds blank screen when booting
  246. Trouble playing online with pokemon
  247. Any way to modify the general system button mapping?
  248. save back up from japanese old 3ds to new usa 3ds.
  249. How to get VC to play on emunand
  250. Bricked N3DS (but not completely dead)