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  1. Transferring data from your 3DS to 3DS XL (video)
  2. First Person Goomba - Play it on a 3DS!
  3. Pokemon X and Y - How to evolve Pancham into Pangoro
  4. Pokemon X and Y - How to get a Sylveon (Eevee evolution)
  5. Make your own large AR cards
  6. How to connect the 3DS to a wireless connection
  7. How to download your free 3DS games *if* you're an ambassador
  8. How to use 64GB+ SD cards on a 3DS
  9. Set up the parental controls on a 3DS
  10. Remove region-locking to play official 3DS game carts
  11. Pokemon X/Y Mega Stones guide
  12. Pokemon X and Y - Evolve Inkay into Malamar
  13. How to connect your Nintendo Network ID on the 3DS
  14. Get Celebi for free in Pokemon X and Y
  15. New Owner's Guide [Multiple Videos]
  16. How To Convert A Video So It Is Playable On A 3DS
  17. How To Play a Scene ROM Online with Gateway 2.2
  18. [Video Tutorial] How To Trim 3DS ROM's With CRT Tool
  19. cant figure out where to buy gateway compatible 3ds? Look no further!
  20. [How To] Transfer system data from original non-Gateway 3DS, to Gateway 3DS
  21. Senran Kagura 2 - Menu translations and How to play guide
  22. How To Get Super Smash Bros 3DS Working On Gateway 2.3
  23. English Translation For Super Smash Bros Brawl For 3DS - 2 Video's
  24. [HowTo] Inject headers into scene roms to play online
  25. [HowTo] Get free play coins with a homebrew app
  26. [HowTo] Backup your Gateway save files/Share your saves
  27. how to 3ds cfw for 4.5 only
  28. How to Decrypt 3DS Roms for Dummies - New Easier Guide - Updated 23/03/2015
  29. A Step-By-Step Guide To Installing Palantine's 3DS CFW
  30. A kind of crappy guide for creating cia files from .3ds roms
  31. [Tutorial] Converting .3DS to .CIA for Dummies!
  32. [HowTo] Prevent sysnand from updating
  33. 3DS To CIA Guide - With Region Free Patching and Game Manual Integration
  34. How To Install Palantine CFW - Pictoral Initial Set Up Guide Included
  35. AutoCIA - bash script and tools to generate CIA files from eshop files
  36. [VIDEO] Tut:How To Install Homebrew Channel On Nintendo 3ds/XL/2ds Beginner Friendly
  37. How to buy a SD or Micro SD Card for .CIA and .3DS
  38. Planning on BUYING a new 3DS/3DS XL with GATEWAY? Start HERE first!
  39. decrypting pokemon oras
  40. How to use SaveDataFiler for Pokemon?
  41. mini tutorial - install cias from pc
  42. minitutorial - solution for cias with 3ds logo.
  43. Tipps 4 cfw
  44. get more coins
  45. How to play Zelda Four Swords Anniversary edition dsiware with Gateway
  46. how to make CIA's Region Free???
  47. [Tutorial]How convert saves 3DS to Any version or Region[GATEWAY][SaveDataFiler]
  48. [HowTo] Convert Monster Hunter 4 EUR save to USA
  49. [HowTo] Remove update nag/popup from sysnand
  50. [Tutorial] how to play legit CIA on sysnand without Gateway and system transfer
  51. question about BBM and devmenu
  52. Tutorial - tranfer SD to SD CFW
  53. [TUTORIAL] - Play DSiWare in your 3DS!
  54. How to use powersaves 3ds to exploit new 3ds with gateway mode
  55. [Spider] ARCode + tutorial
  56. Tutorial: Installing Clean/Legit CIA's to Sysnand and rxTools Emunand
  57. Sponsored: Download as Premium from 115 + Hosters with 1 Zevera Account
  58. Tutorial: Changing emuNAND region to EUR (for using legit CIAs)
  59. [TUTORIAL] [NO GW] How to region change Palantines CFW
  60. Updating emuNAND via ROM File
  61. Megatutorial cias converter for cfw
  62. Megatutorial -PBT-CFW+emunand 9.8
  63. TIP - streetpass repeater
  64. How to install CIA themes on keep them on systemNand like CHMM ANY REGION WORKS
  65. Proper Old DS Cart Enable (RF) (more complete than Flash Card Time Warp)
  66. [Tutorial] Get your private header using PowerSaves
  67. [Video+Written] How To Convert 3DS to CIA- 1 PC application, no broken scripts or cmd
  68. [Video+Written] How To Downgrade To 4.x from 5.x through 9.2.0-20
  69. [Video] How To Install CFW (No DS Flashcart or 3DS Flashcart!)
  70. [Tutorial] Setting Up Palantine CFW, Dual Nand And rxTools. Old 3DS And 3DS XL Only.
  71. [Gateway Ultra 3.2] Downgrade MSET Tutorial for New3DS *Proper Way*
  72. How to Dump and Backup eShop Games and DLC
  73. How to change the region of a new 3ds emunand
  74. [Video+Written] How To Dump Memory (RAM) + Downloads
  75. [Video+Written] How To Dump a Game ROM
  76. Setting up MIIverse
  77. [Video] How To Setup Duel emuNANDs (CFWs)
  78. [Video] How To Use & Boot rxTools
  79. [Video] How To Install & Use regionFOUR (9.2 / 9.7)
  80. TIP - repair black screen emunand .
  81. Tutorial for Beginners
  82. PBTCFW+Emunand Tutorial install DLC´s for legit cias
  83. Tutorial request - Save editing (Devil Survivor 2)
  84. Infinite Money Cheat Tutorial (Save editing)
  86. [Video+Written] How To Split ROMs W/ Gateway ROM Splitter
  87. [Video+Written] How To Boot & Use PastaCFW
  88. Pokemon games save fix (white screen, 1M sub-circuit, Elite four save) Any device
  89. [Video+Written] How To Combine ROM Parts
  90. Diabo69 - Another greate tutorial
  91. How do I convert .cia to .3ds
  92. rxTools 2.5, injected FBI, Emunand 9.8 on O3DS
  93. Can't update game Error Code 009-1003
  94. [Video+Written] How To Inject Headers Into ROMs
  95. [MEGA TUTORIAL] Instalación CFW RXTools 3DS - CIA / FBI Installer
  96. [Tutorial] init CFW without internet, no flashcard no MSET
  97. [Mini Tutorial] RXTools server down . Temporal QR here
  98. [Video+Written] How To Install & Boot Ninjhax / Ninjhax 2.0 (9.9!)
  99. [Video+Written] How To Spoof Firmware (Access eShop & More)
  100. [Tutorial] Smash Bros 3DS Custom Music
  101. [Old Stuff] Using Out Of Region DLC with CFW and NTR CFW 3.0
  102. smash brothers online
  103. [Tutorial] Setting up Reinand CFW from scratch
  104. [TUTORIAL] - Inject GameGear ROMs and Play!
  105. [TUTORIAL] - How to Cryptofix a Game (VERSION 2 - NOW WITH PRE-PACKAGE)
  106. Themes for rxtools help
  107. [TUTORIAL] - Inject MegaDrive/Genesis ROMs and Play WITH SOUND!
  108. [TUTORIAL] - Change/Modify Textures from Banner.bin without Losing Animation
  109. [TUTORIAL] Transfer Fantasy Life Save to another 3DS
  110. [TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy Advance (GBA) ROMs to GBA VC CIA files
  111. [TUTORIAL] - Create banners/icons for NES/GameBoy/GameBoy Color/GameGear/Genesis
  112. [TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy(GB) ROMs to GB VC 3DS and CIA files
  113. [TUTORIAL] - Convert GameBoy Color (GBC) ROMs to GBC VC 3DS and CIA files
  114. [TUTORIAL] - Convert NES ROMs to NES VC 3DS and CIA files
  115. NTR Debugger on Gateway
  116. Beginner's Guide - How to setup your 3DS for 3DSISO
  117. Mega tutorial >> cubic ninja >> installing rxtools custom firmware & more
  118. [Tutorial] 3DS-NDS .Windows-Explorer-Extension (NDS & 3DS better view on PC)
  119. How to update emuNAND?
  120. browser disabled on 4.4.0 U
  121. [Tutorial] How to cheat with Gateway 3.6.0 guide + Make your own cheats
  122. How to install legit CIA files above 9.3
  123. Downgrade console above 9.3
  124. No "3ds" Folder on SD Card
  125. HELP!!! 3ds loading screen loop.
  126. After downgraded my Japanese N3dsXL from 10.3 to 9.2
  127. [Tutorial] Custom boot screen via Menuhax
  128. [Tutorial] Inject save game on SKY3DS+ using SaveDataFiler.
  129. [HowTo] 3DS 2 CIA with "3DS Simple CIA" Converter
  130. [tut] 3ds downgrade and cfw installation + autoboot (safe!) [ger]
  131. MattKimura's Downgrade + CFW setup tutorial
  132. [Tutorial] How to update 4.5 - 8.1 O3DS to 9.2
  133. [Linux] CIA Conversion Guide
  134. Homebrew launcher not working anymore
  135. [Tutorial] How to use out of region DLC with Luma3DS
  136. [Tutorial] Upgrading to a bigger SD card with emuNAND9
  137. Best Emulators for 3DS
  138. [Tutorial] How to create professional GB/GBC Virtual Consoles
  139. [How to] import Gateway saves to cia games
  140. [How to] Install Virtual Console GBA games
  141. Queries from professionals
  142. [Tutorial] Updating from rxTools to Luma3DS
  143. How to Change my micro SD for another?
  144. Need help installing homebrew
  145. What's the Safest way to install emunand
  146. Need urgent help please on downgrading to 9.2(oot3dhax)
  147. Easy A9LH Installation Guide v1 (rev. 4)
  148. Easy A9LH Installation Guide v2 (rev. 3)
  149. [Tutorial] Transferring a save between different regions [Ex: JP to USA]
  150. MonsterHunterX > MonsterHunterGen Save Transfer
  151. [Tutorial] How to give your mii gold pants in Streetpass Mii Plaza
  152. Switch from EmuNAND to Arm9loaderhax [In less than an hour]
  153. [Tutorial] How to create CIAs or install titles with missing encTitleKey real easy
  154. [Tutorial] Using BootNTR CFW
  155. [Tutorial] Backup/Import GBA VC saves
  156. NEW 3DS C-Stick Slippery Best Solution
  157. [Tutorial] Homemenuhax v3.1 Offline Installation
  158. Video Tutorial - Custom 3DS Banners
  159. [TUTORIAL] How to Access Decrypt9 on your 3DS
  160. How to access the 3ds title key site now that the domain has expired.
  161. Install games directly to your 3ds without pc
  162. [Tutorial] Bypass Anti-Piracy in The Great Ace Attorney Episode 1's Fan Translation
  163. [Tutorial] Backup/Restore GBA VC Saves with Godmode9
  164. Guide to GBA VC CIAs for games that use flash 1m (how to generate CIAs without NSUI)
  165. Play cia games without decrypting on Citra
  166. Detective Pikachu English Version Not Decrypted Playing on Citra
  167. Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers on Citra Emulator-Issues found&fixed
  168. How to make own gateway codes on citra without cheat engine,3ds and pre-made codes
  169. How install cia files without decrypting them in citra-100% working New Method
  170. homebrew wont launch after rosalina menu
  171. Newbie - Installing CIA updates/DLC on N3DSXL CFW
  172. How to use Amiibo in Citra - 100 % Working Full Method by Technical Adeel
  173. Transfering big games to FAT32 SD
  174. Need help Building the Perfect Theme
  175. [Tutorial] How to update B9S, Luma, Godmode9, System FW And Apps
  176. Noob Question difference 3DSWare ROM / 3DS ROM
  177. Make own gateway codes on citra without cheat engine,3ds and pre-made codes - may2019
  178. How to Play Arcade ROMS on the New 3DS - CIA and ROM included.
  179. Convert. 3ds to. cia
  180. How to dump 3DSware seeds?
  181. Decrypt .CIA and .3DS files