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  1. Gateway 3DS - The first REAL 3DS Flashcard
  2. FINALLY! A 3DS Flash Card that plays 3DS Roms! =)
  3. Gateway 3DS Unboxing and Tutorial
  4. Gateway 2.0 to release withing the next 2 to 4 days
  5. Gateway 3DS update
  6. Gateway will fix any bricked 3DS for free, as long as you're not lying!
  7. Should I get a 3ds XL now for gateway?
  8. "Brickway" Gateway 3DS Brick on 2.0b2 Finally Caught on Camera
  9. Gateway 3DS 2.0 OMEGA Beta - It is finally here
  10. Gateway 2.0 "OMEGA" Evaluation - 30/3/2014
  11. Gateway 2.1 Omega Public Beta Released!!
  12. Gateway Omega 2.2 Released
  13. Does Gateway red card work with action replay powersave?
  14. plz help with playing savegame backed up by myself.
  15. couple of questions about the gateway 3ds.
  16. 3Dz file
  17. How To Play GBA Games with Gateway 3ds blue card MultiKernel v1.01
  18. is gateway gone?
  19. Gateway Cracked 7.x Encryption
  20. Gateway 3ds: will support 7.x games and 7.x applications soon
  21. gateway 3ds sd micro.
  22. Latest system update 8.x News From Gateway 8/7/2014
  23. can gateway work with 4.5.0-0u?
  24. Gateway Cracked 8.x Encryption
  25. Gateway Private BETA 2.3b News
  26. [LEAK] Gateway Private BETA 2.3 - Tested & Working Fine
  27. How to save games?
  28. GATEWAY PUBLIC RELEASE 2.3b - 29/8/2014
  29. Smash Brothers - Another Gateway Exclusive!
  30. Gateway 3DS gone after time setup?
  31. Online on Gateway?
  32. I can download DLC eshop in emunand?
  33. Best MicroSD card for Gateway 3DS
  34. Game patches with Gateway?
  35. Gateway News On System Update 9.0.0-20
  36. Updating to emunand 8.1 while newest update?
  37. How To Downgrade Your emuNAND From 9.3.0-20 to 8.1
  38. Micro sd card recommendations for Gateway 3DS?
  39. Need help with getting DS roms to work on Gateway Blue Card
  40. gateway 3ds dual card
  41. Could I use gateway 3ds to play Gameboy Advance virtual console games or DSiWare?
  42. 3Ds Theme update?
  43. Gateway public release 2.5
  44. Online play with Gateway 3DS?
  45. Gateway public release 2.6
  46. Emunand Question
  47. Gateway supports N3DS V4.5+,Free region locked,no game slot limited
  48. Support for firmware 9.0 – 9.2 coming
  49. Somebody help me answer these questions about flashcart!
  50. Where is my Pokemon Omega Ruby Save File?
  51. Connecting Gateway 3ds to Wii U _Super Smash Bros)
  52. Can you sort the games on the select menu?
  53. Gateway Blue 9.x Support
  54. Gateway on Sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday!
  55. Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS.
  56. Can I play my retail Pokemon Y cartridge on Classic Mode now?
  57. Possible to insert a .3DS save into a .3DZ now?
  58. Trouble and Confusion getting started
  59. Gateway 9.2.0-20 update. Online Support?
  60. Dont update your gateway 3ds to v9.3.0-21
  61. What to do IF you updated to 9.3?
  62. 12/12/2014 Official Gateway Website is Down.
  63. All Gateway Firmwares Pack (small download)
  64. Gateway public release 2.7
  65. Gateway won't boot all of a sudden
  66. Gateway Eshop help
  67. Gateway Ultra Omega [MEGA]
  68. Gateway 3DS Emunand title updates not saving on system?
  69. Little Detail...
  70. Gateway 9.2 Support Coming "any day now"
  71. New 3DS XL + Gateway Setup
  72. Updating Firmware Help
  73. SD Card transferring Problem, help please.
  74. Upgrading 3DS XL to 9.2
  75. good place to buy a gateway card
  76. Help. Real save .sav doesn't work in gateaway :/
  77. What's SPI?
  78. 3DS Firmware Downgrade Tutorial
  79. Gateway 3.0 Black Screen
  80. Gateway 3.0 Ultra and emuNAND without the Red card
  81. Gateway Ultra Explot Loader For Android (Offline Mode)
  82. [ambassador] A simply question...
  83. Gateway Ultra 3.0.1 doesn't work with 8.1.0-19U
  84. Need advice on flashcarts
  85. Noob questions, that are probably all over the place
  86. Japanese keyboard in american 3ds?
  87. Question for all: If I downgrade my 3DSXL with ambassador games...
  88. .CIA to .3DS
  89. Big Blue Menu comes up as empty square
  90. Freezing occurrence after using 'Sleep Mode'
  91. How are gateway and gateway with emunand different?
  92. best bet to mod 9.4 by march?
  93. Does anyone think there is a way for me to transfer my Pokemon in this situation?
  94. ROM list order
  95. After emunand i cant acess the gateway menu
  96. WILL Gateway support the New 3DS + have emunand?
  97. Is there a way to delete save games from a retail cartdige?
  98. Just got my Gateway, need a bit of help with downgrading
  99. Which of these 3ds Flash Carts can support cheat codes?
  100. problem with gateway at first steps :v
  101. I have a question about GW Ultra 3.0.2
  102. So can different region games be played online?
  103. Play Online with Gateway on 4.2
  104. Gateway 3.0.3 Ultra- Still not for N3DS
  105. Blue Card and 9.2
  106. Just bought the gateway really lost in this, can you answer me some questions?
  107. Save Transferring
  108. Selecting game language ?
  109. I got the problem when set up gateway 2.7
  110. Ninhack by gateway?
  111. virtual console games not workin (metroid fusion only one i tested)
  112. I lost my Blue Card.
  113. qucik question easy answer
  114. GW 3.0.4 - Fixes emuNAND 9.5
  115. How to start Gateway on 8.1.0-16
  116. Updating a game with gateway
  117. lost blue card cant boot into gateway after power shut of
  118. Is there a way to play NDS games on 9.2 Gateway?
  119. please insert the gateway 3ds card to boot
  120. Gateway mode startup
  121. Update Functionality.
  122. N3DS Release Update
  123. Custom theme froze my 3ds.
  124. Looking for best price on gateway.
  125. Questions about Gateway,online and so go on...
  126. Game update problem!
  127. Will the updated gateway require a new cartridge?
  128. downgradeing emunand?
  129. What are the Pro and Con for sky3ds and gateway
  130. Gateway not working on 2DS
  131. Savegame header question
  132. GW Multirom menu taking FOREVER to start, then not loading games
  133. Zelda - Four Swords Anniversary Edition (3DS)
  134. [GW] Card2-game generates .sav-file?
  135. 9.5.0-23?
  136. Is there a "Best" SD/Micro SD Card to Use for the Gateway?
  137. people with gateway cards im looking for a private header for sky3ds
  138. I'm able to update games from other regions
  139. Is it real that gateway 3ds supports New 3DS Now ?
  140. Gateway 3.1.0 ultra public beta with new 3ds support
  142. Buying Brand New N3DS below 9.2 for Gateway compatibility?
  143. Question About System Transfers
  144. Questions about the Gateway Card!
  145. gateway 3.1.1 cubic ninja released
  146. CFW 4.5 to Gateway
  147. Gateway 3.1.1 ultra public beta
  148. Gateway Ultra Help and Questions
  149. Is the latest firmware broken?
  150. Got savegame dongle
  151. Got a savegame dongle but
  152. Some questions about headers
  153. HELP Running Gatewway 3DS flashcart ???
  154. EmuNAND update to 9.4.X N3DS - Can it be done?
  155. Compatability
  156. GW Last Update help?
  157. Is it safe to downgrade from 9.2.x to 4.5?
  158. Hey Guys,have some question regarding the emunand
  159. "This CIA has not had its Region Locking removed", does this affect me (US)?
  160. Is it a waste of time to do things if I plan to do a system transfer to 9.6 later?
  161. New to gateway.all help are appreciated,
  162. update a EUR game on my USA console
  163. Where is Emunand 9.6 support?
  164. Creating a Private Header?!
  165. convert CN to CIA possible?
  166. Updating games?
  167. Gateway ultra 3.1.1 public beta reuplead
  168. Is Gateway support for 9.4.0 U21 here?
  169. Can I play my retail Pokemon Y cartridge on Classic Mode now?
  170. how do you selectivly update emunand to 9.5 without having nintendo update higher
  171. DS Profile Exploit on 9.2?
  172. Solve my problems.
  173. Highest upgradeable firmware?
  174. Gateway 3.2 ultra public beta yeah
  175. Gateway 3.2 ultra public beta
  176. .cia files and eShop
  177. Fw 9.4.0-21e new-3ds
  178. Gateway 3.2 Ultra Public Beta Released
  179. Any reason to update from 9.2 to 9.7 emunand on GW3DS?
  180. [QUESTION] about GW 3.2 Ultra Public Beta
  181. Gateway 3ds 3.2 : Problem
  182. [Questions] N3DS to 4.5
  183. Gateway 3.2.1 Ultra Public Beta Released
  184. cia question
  185. Going Online?
  186. N3DS and GW 3.2.1 Issue
  187. Saving Flaw
  188. Downgrading actual firmware on Gateway red card
  189. Is it safe to update to the latest fimware on emunand?
  190. N3ds Jap 8.1 Xenoblade Slowdown 3.2.1
  191. Retail savegames from downloading?
  192. Japanese New3DS Problems
  193. Installed CIA keeps wrapping up in a Gift Box after hard reset on the New 3DS XL??
  194. Trusted Gateway seller?
  195. modchipsdirect or not
  196. CHMM Error 65 Cannot Access EXTDATA
  197. Total Noob Question : How can I revert *.cia to *.3ds?
  198. Emunand 9.8, games not loading
  199. Updating to specific firmware (not the latest emunand)
  200. My Gateway don't boot the GUI menu
  201. [HELP] gateway setup on old 3ds v9.8
  202. Are all Japanese New 3DS consoles advertised as new firmware 9.2 and below?
  203. HELP install cia, dsiware, gba
  204. Gateway Blue compatibility issues
  205. Nvram and Emunand question
  206. I need some help...
  207. invalid cia with dev menu
  208. New 3ds XL Gateway Emunand
  209. Issue copying saves from retail to Gateway
  210. 3D_Gunstar_Heroes_eShop_3DS-Caravan : stuck on 3DS logo.. :(
  211. Just bought a Gateway and a 3ds
  212. Just bought a Gateway and a 3ds
  213. [Question] Emunand Region JPN Changing to USA
  214. A bit downgrade from 9.7 (or 9.8) to 9.2.20
  215. 9.5 Downgrade to Gateway compatible version
  216. DS games on Gateway
  217. Gateway on 2DS 6.0.0 12E
  218. Pls Help, thinking about buying GW, have some newbie questions
  219. Gateway Ultra V3.3 Released To Support EmuNAND V9.9.0-26
  220. Can we play Online with Gateway? And is that safe?
  221. Question about Gateway.
  222. [Question] Can I use Gateway on my O3DS?
  223. Games doesn't work Gateway 3DS
  224. I haven't updated my new3DS' Gateway firmware in a while, what's new?
  225. Gateway support for N3DS above 9.2: Am I screwed?
  226. Does Gateway Blue Card support 4GB+ SDHC in DS Lite?
  227. Error While Playing Some Games
  228. Gateway link changing
  229. Whatever you do, don't buy from 3dsgamerworld.com
  230. [Request] Private header of 3ds game
  231. gateway on nN3ds 9.0
  232. Receive emails for Gateway updates
  233. Gateway Ultra V3.4 Public Beta Released
  234. Gateway 2.7 Set Up Guide
  235. 3D Gunstar Heroes (EU) & Gateway Flash cart
  236. What do I need to do to update my Gateway / N3DS?
  237. [SOLVED] Can't see my 3ds games anymore on my Gateway µsd card !
  238. Gateway crashes on settings
  239. EmuNand is resetting everytime. Did i something wrong? Cia's going Wrap everytime...
  240. Ok, noob question about games with actual encryption
  241. Gateway Ultra 3.4.1 released, supports emuNAND V10.1!
  242. Gateway mset exploit questions
  243. Split 3DS rom joining
  244. [N3DS] Gateway + Zelda Tri Force Heroes
  245. Latest GWFrimware black screen error
  246. New 3DS update 10.2.0-28E is supported by GW's emunand?
  247. Booting Gateway emuNAND through alternative exploit.
  248. GateWay 3.5 released
  249. Gateway Public Ultra 3.5 (Cia´s not working!!??)
  250. İs Gateway Card Working on New 3ds like Old 3ds?