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  3. Sky3DS Flashcart
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  9. sky3ds owners.. need your help here.
  10. Sky3ds owners, need some help
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  13. Sky3ds supports homebrews with the help of Ninjhax
  14. My thoughts on the sky3ds
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  17. Template File Updated to 0102.txt
  18. 0207 new super mario bros 2 EUR ?
  19. I bought sky3ds on new3dscard.co.uk and I'm still waiting for my card?
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  21. rom trim
  22. Problem Sky3ds (Video)
  23. Diskwriter for osx??
  24. New 3DS XL (NA) firmware compatible with Sky3DS, or wait for Gateway?
  25. Help diskwriter problem
  26. OLD SKY3DS CARD(RED button)
  27. Sky3DS & CIA Files
  28. Sky3DS Game selecting issue
  29. RegionThree Exploit works perfectly with SKY3DS(Region Free exploit)
  30. Sky3ds or wait for Gateway 9.4?
  31. Is action replay compatible with the sky3ds?
  32. I can't seem to write games from desktop to SD card (Sky 3ds Blue Button)
  33. soon to be sky3ds user...
  34. rom larger than 4gb
  35. SAV to BIN [PKHex]
  36. .3DZ Compatible with Sky3DS?
  37. sky3ds error the game card was removed
  38. 3DS V9.5.0-22 was updated,Sky3ds video confirmed can directly work on it !
  39. Template file for SKY3DS doesn't work with Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies
  40. Trouble with Sky3DS - Pics posted
  41. Game saves/data...
  42. problem with Sky3ds and PowerSaver Pro
  43. Inject private dump headers into template.txt
  44. sky3ds (red button) regionthree do not work
  45. [Sky3ds - Blue Button] Anyone have problems with Sky3ds and Kingdom Hearts: DDD?
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  47. Reasons I got Sky3DS
  48. Sky3ds users getting banned by Nintendo
  49. sky3ds sd card problem
  50. Majora's Mask 3D USA Sky3DS Template in the works!
  51. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate doesnt work on my sky3ds card
  52. Question about new Sky3DS and headers???
  54. Questions about Sky3DS and headers?
  55. Sky3DS Team are a Bunch of Thieves
  56. Using private headers on Sky3DS
  57. SKY3DS eeprom "no" problem?
  58. HELP!! Sky3ds problem Not enough space problem
  59. private headers
  60. Sky3DS updated template up
  61. Monser Hunter 4 requires an update. Should I?
  62. bravely default random freezing
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  67. Saves deleted when changing micro sd card.
  68. Can US 3DS play EU roms?
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  72. Sky3ds ROM compatibility
  73. Sky 3DS problems switching games?
  74. Spanish forum.
  75. Trusted Reseller for USA?
  76. SKy3ds backup saves
  77. no more bans/bans removed.... is this true?
  78. HELP!! My sky3ds (red button) just stop working....
  79. help with sky3ds
  80. Sky3DS won't work, or even light up?
  81. [Question] Download game updates with 9.4 fw
  82. Unable to run MH4U (USA) with SKY3DS
  83. What's this skytempidedit thing?
  84. 3dsiso You're my final hope for SKY3DS!! Help!
  85. SKY3DS Guide
  86. sky3ds 002-0123 error
  87. Question about Headers
  88. i have this suspicion that sky3ds isn't limited to firmware
  89. Is there a way to change the order of games on the card?
  90. Request for Sky3DS micro SD compatibility list
  91. Can't get Sky3DS working
  92. Chromebook Sky3ds
  93. Purchase a private header from?
  94. SKY3DS not changing games... Blue lights flashing but nothing happens?
  95. best thread for roms-sky3ds
  96. Can I use Sky3DS templates for the QQ3DS?
  97. What's the best cart to get a private header from?
  98. First time sky3ds startup help
  99. Sky3ds SDHC memory Freezes URGENT HELP NEEDED
  100. Azure Striker Gunvolt - Sky3ds - Help!
  101. Diskwriter Problem
  102. .3dz files?
  103. New 3DSXL wont detect any games on SKY3DS HELP!
  104. Please someone
  105. How to delete games from sky3ds?
  106. private header problem when replacing in template file
  107. How to extract a header from an original game cartridge?
  108. Hello Everyone, First post here. My Sky3DS is on the way and I have a question.
  109. Problem with Sky3ds and New 3DS XL (9.0.0-20U)
  110. codename steam???
  111. Where do I find an online version of Monster Hunter 4?
  112. How do I get DLC's to my 3ds?
  113. Sky3ds or gateway3ds
  114. grabbing my own private header... help please with this
  115. Can't get some games to work
  116. Making myself a Master Template, could use the communities help.
  117. How can I get MH4U online?
  118. can someone help me on region Free on sky3ds
  119. Help MH4u save
  120. Template error need help pls!!!!
  121. can i buy dlc using sky3ds
  122. Majora´s Mask 3D Crash
  123. can i buy dlc using sky3ds
  124. SKY3DS Nothing Happens
  125. Error code 0020123 animal crossing
  126. I have one question
  127. help me, im sky3ds user
  128. not enough space to add more image?
  129. the file "xxxxxxx.3ds"Data title must be CTR_FIRM ????
  130. Majora's Mask 3D save problem
  131. Monster Hunter 4 Not saving HELP PLS!!!!!!!!
  132. Sky3DS working with 9.6
  133. Could anyone please give me the template of....?
  134. Template made but wont run
  135. Random freezes
  136. navy commander..... working....but its eshop?
  137. Best brand of micro sd card for sky3ds
  138. Unusual DiskWriter Bug?
  139. Xenoblade Chronicles already in latest template!?
  140. Only Games with "NO" EEPROM work on my sky3ds
  141. How to get started with Sky3ds
  142. A few questions on SKY3DS
  143. Error when running diskwriter v107
  144. HELP: Sky3DS No Longer Works!
  145. Unhandled exception has occurred - when writing games
  146. Newbie Question: First Time Sky3DS
  147. xenoblade chronicles template problem
  148. Issue adding more games to Sky3DS
  149. Game Updates through eShop?
  150. Updating Trimmed ROMs
  151. Multirom
  152. xenoblade chronicles,template
  153. Sky3DS Help
  154. any way to put roms on a sky3ds in macos?
  155. Returning SD card back to standard format
  156. Red & Blue Button SKY3DS Tutorials
  157. Fantasy Life asking for SD card...
  158. xenoblade chronicles system update
  159. Settings.ini ??
  160. New to Sky3ds world need some help..
  161. need the files
  162. Confirmed : Sky3ds can directly work on New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS V9.7.0-25
  163. How about game that connects online?
  164. Can you use the Sky3ds flashcart to play .3dz files?
  165. Smea region three 9.6 & 9.7
  166. NEWBIE ASK -Old game in latest template- HELP PLEASE
  167. shin megami tensei devil survivor 2 record breaker template ....
  168. Moving saves to new header
  169. did I accidentally delete all my save data?
  170. rapid blue light flashing and game not changing
  171. Having trouble getting SKY3DS to work for the first time on new 3ds xl.
  172. sky3ds header generating help
  173. SKY3DS online template problem (help)
  174. Private Header Help
  175. diskwriter v2.02
  176. sky3ds + powersaves?
  177. Help: Cannot Get Sky3DS To Work
  178. Sky3DS does not work on my console
  179. Help: How to update the Sky3DS
  180. Lord of Magna sky3ds template
  181. U.s games
  182. No Ban No Sky
  183. RegionFOUR & eShop roms work?
  184. Sky3ds and pokebank question.
  185. Guide for getting a private header without gateway or old 3ds firmware
  186. Can I download free DLCs from MH4U without get banned??
  187. template
  188. save game gone ?
  189. Template for Shin Megami Tensei IV EUR version?
  190. [HELP] patch template with No Ban no Sky
  191. Sky3ds or Gateaway .. help
  192. Sky3DS team recently updated their template to include an eshop game - Dr. Mario JPN
  193. [HELP!!] Error: 002-0123 while trying to download MH4U DLC
  194. Sky3DS help please. Games not writing.
  195. Sky3DS working for the most part, but...
  196. Template for lego jurassic world & Harvest moon The Lost valley
  197. Template for Azure Striker Gunvolt,Shantae's Pirate Curse & Liberation Maiden Usa
  198. Template for Fire Emblem If
  199. My Questions to SKY3ds Template
  200. Help me
  201. Newbie question about sky3ds + roms
  202. sky3 ds new 3dsxl 9.8.0-25 regionfour
  203. sky3 ds new 3dsxl 9.8.0-25 regionfour
  204. Sky3DS for sale - UK, blue button version.
  205. [UK]Can it be seized in the post?
  206. help about sky3ds dlc, game update from other region and download save
  207. Sky 3DS installation
  208. Sky3ds is on great promotion!
  209. 3ds jap + jap game update sky3ds
  210. apologize if this is wrong section[HELP NEEDED]
  211. SKY3DS (blue button) games not changing. Blue light keeps blinking.
  212. can i use .cia dlc file on sky3ds
  213. help with persona Q confusion with sky3ds
  214. can i use my eshop MH4U save on my sky3ds copy of MH4U
  215. Best website to order sky3ds from the US
  216. fire emblem if
  217. new 3ds jap 8.1.0-0 j
  218. crash and freeze? on several game
  219. Etrian Mystery Dungeon not working on SKY3DS (template file up to date)
  220. sky 3ds + ninjhax 2.0
  221. Template for Lego jurassic world USA please
  222. how to play emunand game on sky3ds?
  223. Sky3ds Template File(from old to the newest)
  224. SKY 3DS template - harmo knight not listed
  225. Sky3DS and Modchipsdirect - Reliable?
  226. do DS roms work on a SKY3DS??
  227. do DS roms work on a SKY3DS??
  228. Question about Headers and Bans
  229. NTR CFW 3.0 can be installed by Sky3ds works great on old/new 3ds and 2ds!
  230. am really new at this need help
  231. New Header for MH4U save file
  232. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer works great with Sky3ds
  233. Sky3ds+Powersaves ~Clearing up the facts~ (Everyone Interested read please)
  234. i really need help regarding sky3ds
  235. Download games that are compatible in Sky3DS
  236. Corpse Party - Blood Covered - Repeated Fear JPN works great with Sky3ds!
  237. Sky3ds [RegionFour] Help
  238. Ironhax - Homebrew for 9.9
  239. PSA: Fire Emblem IF and Animal Crossing DO NOT WORK ON SKY3DS!
  240. Best place to buy a sky3ds blue
  241. Rune Factory 4 undub template
  242. How do i stop all my saves getting corrupted every time i delete a game?
  243. How to play EUR roms on SKY3DS?
  244. Is my sky3ds dead?
  245. Sky3ds and gateway blue card for Installing CakesFW, no need flashcard in the future!
  246. Save file reverts to previous save file on sky3ds
  247. Save file request Ocarina of Time
  248. Is there a way to make back ups of already own games?
  249. little battlers experience rom template (USA version)
  250. SKY3DS how do you install cia?