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  1. Rittai Kakushi E Attakoreda or Tales in a Box
  2. Rittai Kakushi E Attakoreda or Tales in a Box
  3. Face Pilot and Mario Metronome
  4. All the Game & Watch games
  5. Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? - super cool platform 2D
  6. Real football 2010 Dsiware
  7. [USA] X-Scape, Alphabounce
  8. Snapdots / Guruguru Logic
  9. Flipper - USA region
  10. Divergent Shift (Reflection)(very good platformer)
  11. [EUR] Petit Computer DSi Cia
  12. List of dsiware games missing from the 3dsiso forum
  13. Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop
  14. Animal color cross
  15. Bomberman Blitz (EUR) DSiWare
  16. Pokemon NDS Titles
  17. [Request] Jaseiken Necromancer: Nightmare Reborn [JPN]
  18. [Request] Sonic Classic Collection (DSi Enhanced)
  19. Go! Go! Kokopolo
  20. [Request] AiRace [EUR/US]
  21. Rytmik Retrobits DSiWare
  22. Rom earthworm jim dsi
  23. Req: Legend of Exidia and a few more games (EUR)
  24. The World ends with you DSi?
  25. 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection
  26. Noroi no Game: Chi & Noroi no Game: Goku
  27. Plants VS Zombies
  28. [Request] Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [USA]
  29. Pokémon NDS
  30. Sujin Taisen: Number Battles
  31. lufia curse of the sinistrals usa request
  32. NDS Flashcart .CIA (is it posible?)
  33. [Request] Paper Plane [EUR]
  34. [Request] Paper Plane [EUR]
  35. Zenonia
  36. ころがしパズル塊魂 / Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy (JP)
  37. [Request] Dark Void Zero (EU)
  38. [Request] Mighty Flip Champs! (EUR)
  39. [request?] convert the link to a .cia
  40. req nintendo countdown calidener us
  41. Sudoku EUR
  42. [Request] Globulos Party
  43. (Request) Rayman DSiWare CIA
  44. [REQUEST] Plants VS. Zombies DSiWare Version
  45. [Request] Crystal Monsters (US)
  46. [REQUEST] Arcade Hoops Basketball DsiWare as CIA
  47. [Request] WarioWare Touched! English version via My Nintendo
  48. [Request] Dragon Quest IX
  49. DSiWare tickets?
  50. Rhythm heaven DS please
  51. Anyone have Space Ace DSiWare CIA?
  52. LoZ Four Swords Anniversary edition CIA?
  53. [Request] Advance War Dual Strike (U)
  54. [Request] Amida's Path (U)
  55. Advance Wars Days of Ruin (JP)
  56. [Request] Mother 3 GBA Fan translated CIA
  57. [Request] Ace Mathician (U)
  58. Pokemon Soul Silver CIA format needed
  59. [Request] Goldern Sun Dark Dawn
  60. [REQUEST] The World Ends With You
  61. Jump Ultimate Stars into CIA format
  62. Fieldrunners EUR
  63. [Help] TwlNmenu cia
  64. [REQUEST] Roller's Angel
  65. Request suikoden tierkreis thankyou
  66. [Request] Digimon World Dusk
  67. [Request] Shantae: Risky's Revenge .CIA DSiWare
  68. [REQUEST] Mr Driller Drill Till You Drop (2009) EUR
  69. [REQUEST] Animal Boxing
  70. Request: Chotto Panel de Pon (ちょっと パネルでポン)cia
  71. [Request] Legends of Exidia JPN
  72. [REQUEST] All Mario and Sonic games as .cia files collection
  73. [Request] Fieldrunners / Legends of Exidia / Guitar Rock Tour USA (Legit)
  74. Zuma's Revenge CIA
  75. Nintendo Browser DSi Ware
  76. Super Mario 64 DS
  77. Flipnote SIGNED cia
  78. Lost in Blue
  79. iSpot Japan CIA
  80. New Super Mario Bros. (Kiosk Demo) CIA
  81. [Request] 7 card games
  82. [Request] 2 Fire Emblem Game : FE- Shadow Dragon (US) , FE Shin Monshou no Nazo (ENG)
  83. Pinball Pulse
  84. Clash of Elementalists
  85. at Enta! Taisen Hanafuda: Koi Koi Kassen
  86. CIA REQUEST - Valkyrie Profile
  87. Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver
  88. [DE/EN] Dracula Undead Awakening
  89. Professor Layton DS games
  90. Super Smash Bros Crash/Rumble CIA?
  91. Would love c.o.p the recruit if possible
  92. The Oregon Trail [EUR]
  93. Requesting seemingly impossible to find titles
  94. Genius Personal Rakubiki Jiten
  95. REQUEST: Little Twin Stars to Minna no Nurie
  96. REQUEST!: Flipnote Studio DSI 3DS CIA
  97. Game & Watch CIA
  98. [Request] Several missing EUR DSiWare
  99. [Request] Trauma Center games for NDS (Under the Knife 1 & 2)
  100. [request] Spongebob truth of square dsiware cia
  101. [REQUEST] Nintendogs DSiWare (iQue)
  102. Space Ace dragon lair 2
  103. Gen 4-5 Pokemon, Sonic Colors and Sonic Classic Collection?
  104. [REQUEST] Coropata コロぱた (Japanese eShop DSiWare) .cia
  105. [Request] Monster Buster Club (Dsiware) any region
  106. Taxi King (Korea exclusive)
  107. Space Invaders Extreme Z [JPN DsiWare]
  108. Aa Mujou Setsuna [JPN DsiWare]
  109. Let's Golf! dsiware cia
  110. [Request] Plants vs Zombies DSiWare CIA format
  111. Contra 4 Request
  112. Chotto DS Bungaku Zenshu: Sekai no Bungaku 20
  113. Requesting Free to download Japanese DsiWare app
  114. Flipnote DSi CIA?
  115. Commando: Steel Disaster
  116. [GDRIVE] Rikko's DSi Ware Collection (USA) (CIA)
  117. Play & Learn Spanish CIA
  118. Any on the undumped list
  119. [Request CIA] Asphalt 4 Elite racing
  120. [Request .cia] Ferrari GT Evolution
  121. [Request .cia] Toy Defence
  122. Patched Flipnote Sudomemo
  123. [Request .cia] Asphalt 4: Elite Racing [EUR VERSION]
  124. [Request .cia] Kyōkara Hajimeru Facening: KaoTre Mini 1~5
  125. [Request] Real Football 2010 USA DsiWare CIA format
  126. (request) some titles i cant find
  127. Request: Cave Story (Japan)
  128. [Request] Shantae: Risky's Revenge .CIA DSiWare EUR
  129. [REQUEST CIA] - The Oregon Trail
  130. DSiWare Dump Request - UNO
  131. [Request CIA] Famicon Wars 2
  132. Bomberman blitz >w<
  133. Korean DsiWare ???
  134. [Request] Me And My Dogs: Friends Forever
  135. Bomberman Blitz ( JAP )
  136. [Request] A few Intense Ltd. games that have yet to be dumped
  137. [REQUEST] Yoshi Touch & Go .CIA
  138. Starship defender
  139. [Request] Godzilla Unleashed
  140. Request:Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function
  141. [REQUEST] A little bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf
  142. REQUEST: My Notebook: Green CIA format
  143. Rikishi - legend of paper wrestling
  144. [USA] Uno DSIWare.cia
  145. Flipnote studio CIA for 3ds EU?
  146. Chess Challenges! (EUR) DSiWare CIA
  147. toy story 3 the video game dscia and iron man ds cia please
  148. Asphalt 4: Elite Racing (???)
  149. Uno
  150. Real Football 2010 ????
  151. [Request] DSiWare UNO CIA EUR Dump? From GDrive or MEGA?
  152. DSiWare request for GO Series: Undead Storm
  153. [Request] Mario Clock and Mario Calculator (Japan) ??????
  154. [REQUEST] Plants Vs. Zombies?
  155. ok, another request
  156. Request: Dsi Ware Bloons Tower Defense 4
  157. Request some (EUR) games
  158. Convert .BIN to .CIA, getting white screen
  159. Convert .BIN to .CIA, getting white screen
  160. [Request] Asphalt 4:Elite Racing EUR/US
  161. [REQUEST] spirit hunters inc: light for 3ds
  162. (Request) Little Twin Stars to Minna no Nurie, and Shin Minna no Nurie Cinnamoroll
  163. (Request) Ermii Kart DS Legacy Edition (USA Rom)
  164. (Request) Cave Story DSi
  165. (Request) Mario Calculator CIA
  166. (Request) Photo Dojo EUROPEAN - AUSTRALIAN CIA
  167. [Request] Genius Personal: Wa-Ei Rakubiki Jiten
  168. {REQUEST} Legends of Exidia cia
  169. Dragon quest monsters battle road victory color code scanner (J)
  170. Petit Computer (USA) Cia???
  171. Uno/Skip Bo/Uno FreeFall.cia & Uno 52.cia
  172. Armada / Ante Up Texas Hold'em / Real Soccer 2010
  173. Request, MKDs and SM64Ds
  174. [Request] DS CIA FORMAT Pokémon games Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soulsiver, Heartgold
  175. (Request) Plants vs Zombies EUR
  176. Cut the rope (DSi) (USA) cia please
  177. (Request) Kirby Mass Attack EUR + Kirby Power Paintbrush EUR cia
  178. Can I get the european version of photo dojo in cia?
  179. Mario Clock EUR CIA
  180. Request Katamari DSiware eur