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  1. [CIA Mega] La lellenda de la Cerda, The - Link's Awakening DX [GBC][Espańol]
  2. [CIA MEGA] The Legend of Zelda [Nes] [Espańol]
  3. Alright! Some 3DSISO VC Scenes releases in .CIA!
  4. [MULTi] GameBoy Gamez Collection + BCWAV Tool | MDashK [VC] [.CIA]
  5. 3DS Custom Virtual Console (NES, GB, GBC, GBA, GEN/MD) Games (595 games right now)
  6. Super Mario Bros. 3Mix [NES] Mod of SMB3
  7. [USA] NES Virtual Console Collection (MEGA)
  8. Virtual Console Pokemon ROM Hacks
  9. All 10 JP GBA Ambassador games
  10. All USA GBA Ambassador games
  11. All USA GBA Ambassador games
  12. WARE+GBA VC´s +Ambassador Certificate
  13. [MULTI] 60 GBA Games - 20/6/2015
  14. [MULTi] GameBoy Advance Gamez Collection | MDashK [VC] [.CIA] - 30 Games Total
  15. [MEGA] GBA Game Collection - Added PMD: Red Rescue Team [SAVE FIXED]
  16. [MULTi] Aqua's Custom GBA Virtual Console CIAS
  17. [MEGA] GBA Vc Converted Games [28]
  18. [MEGA] Newest Nick's GBA CIA Collection (USA)
  19. [MEGA] Some GBA VC Converts
  20. Super Mario Advance
  21. [Multi] Metal Slug Advance
  22. [Mega] 78 Custom GBA VC Titles
  23. Retro Roms converted to GBA
  24. [Multi] Super Mario Advance 4
  25. [MEGA] GBA Games CIA's with Sleep Patch[13 Games]
  26. taking requests for CIA GB/GBC VC Games
  27. [MEGA] Pokemon GBA Collection [CIA] (updated 02/15/16)
  28. [Go4Up Multihost] Sonic The Hedgehog (Game Gear) (EUR) (VC) CIA
  29. [MEGA] VC GBA : Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury (USA) Region Free [CIA]
  30. [MEGA] 77 Professionally Made GBA Games! (EDIT 07/08: Added 16 requests!)
  31. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge USA
  32. Flappy Birds [GBA Homebrew] Cia
  33. Flappy Birds [GBA HOMEBREW] cia
  34. I confirmed save delete gba games
  35. [FilesCDN] Sonic 3 Complete [MD ROM Injection]
  36. [Go4Up] Sonic Chaos [GG ROM Injection]
  37. [MEGA] Mega Bomberman (Megadrive/Genesis)
  38. [MULTi] GameGear Gamez Collection | MDashK [VC] [.CIA] - 28 Games Total
  39. [Go4Up] Castlevania: Bloodlines [MD ROM Injection]
  40. [Go4Up] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters [MD ROM Injection]
  41. [MEGA] 3DS custom VC games fullscreen GBC, GBA, GG, MD (multi ESP) All PKMN games
  42. [ARCHIVED] 40+1 Genesis Games (Custom-made!)
  43. [MULTi] MegaDrive Gamez Collection | MDashK [VC] - 4 Games Total
  44. [GBA] Final Fantasy VI (Restored)
  45. [Mega] Mighty Final Fight - NES VC - Eshop Release (USA)
  46. [GDRIVE] Pokemon Gaia Beta v0.2.5
  47. Mother 3 GBA CIA Espańol (Spanish Translation).
  48. SNES/Nintendo/TG16/PC Engine/Gamegear(Over 500 Converts/Injects)Doing Request
  49. Custom VC GBA Enjoy
  50. (Request) Moemon CIA
  51. [MEGA] Pokemon Fire Red - Moemon Revival [CIA]
  52. [Request] Rhythm Tengoku gba [Japan].cia
  53. [REQUEST] The Legend of Zelda (NES)(Europe)
  54. Pokemon roms cia/blue cartridge local wireless?
  55. [REQUEST] AGB_FIRM Patch .cia (US) (o3DS)
  56. [GBA CIA] GT Advance 3
  57. [MEGA] Pokemon Ruby Destiny Collection
  58. RETRO CIA'S (Fully Tested and Working)
  59. (Zippyshare) Tekken Advance
  60. Pokémon GBC/GBA Collection [Evolution Patch] [MULTI6] [MEGA] [3D Banners]
  61. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow GBA CIA Espańol (Spanish Translation)
  62. [MF] Mega Man Battle Network Wii U VC on 3DS
  63. New Strange Mario Bros 1 (ROM Hack of SMB1 by acmlm)
  64. [CIA] Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town TL:E
  65. Converting GBA games
  66. Taking GBA requests | Over 100+ GBA games (Always updating)
  67. [GDRIVE] Sonic Battle JPN CIA
  68. Pokemon My A** version [CIA] [MEGA]
  69. [MEGA][PoC] Videos on the Home Menu
  70. [MEGA] Game Boy Advance Video - Cartoons
  71. Mother 3 v1.2
  72. please delete, dupe thread
  73. [MEGA] Virtual Console injects with Nintendo-styled 3D Banners
  74. [Multi] R-TYPE - PC Engine VC [JPN/RF]
  75. [MEGA] Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
  76. [MEGA][GBA][US] Ponymon Dusk Version
  77. All EUR Ambassador Games (NES/GBA)
  78. [MEGA] Pokemon Red legit CIA (EUR/ maybe region free, english imcluded)
  79. Delete
  80. GBA 3DS question
  81. VC Red/Blue/Yellow Mods (Gold/Silver Sprites/B Sprint/XP Bar (added Yellow Sprites)
  82. [MEGA] Pokemon Green VC *English*
  83. Final Fantasy VI Advance | RESTORED: Color, Sound, Font, Violence (Europe)
  84. [MEGA][EUR/USA] Pokemon Red/Blue with Sprint Mod [Spanish]
  85. Cryptofixed SNES CIAs
  86. [MEGA] [Custom SNES VC] Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (Eng) [RF][FWSpoofed][CIA]
  87. Pokemon Blue USA Spanish
  88. [MEGA] [Custom SNES VC] The Legend of the Mystical Ninja [RF] [N3DS]
  89. [MEGA][CUSTOM SNES VC] TMNT IV: Turtles in Time [RF][N3DS]
  90. [MEGA] [CUSTOM GBA] Legacy Of Goku I & II EURO
  91. [MEGA] [SNES VC Inject] Chrono Trigger [N3DS Only]
  92. (Custom SNES VC) Earthworm Jim
  93. Dejiko's custom SNES VC
  94. [MEGA] [SNES VC Inject] Uncharted Waters: New Horizons [N3DS Only]
  95. [MEGA] [Custom SNES VC] Criminal90 Collection ITA
  96. [MEGA] [Custom SNES VC] Earthbound ITA
  97. [MEGA] Final Fantasy III (VI) SNES VC
  99. [Request] [Custom snes vc] Ninja Gaiden trilogy And Castlevania x
  100. [Custom Snes VC] Final Fantasy III (FFVI JP Translation)
  101. [Custom SNES] [Mega] Sailor Moon Another Story *English*
  102. [Custom SNES] [Mega] E.V.O. Search for Eden *English*
  103. [Custom SNES] [Mega] Secret of Evermore
  104. SNES VC Games {FF6 General Leo Edition!)
  105. [Request] [Custom snes vc] Clock Tower spanish
  106. [MEGA]Pokemon Green Cryptofixed
  107. [Custom Snes VC] Dragon Quest I + II
  108. [Request] [Custom snes vc] Mortal Kombat II
  109. Pokemon Ultra Violet (Fire Red Hack) Catch all without trading
  110. [MEGA] Touhoumon GBA/GBC CIA Games!!
  111. Custom VC SNES Soul Blazer US
  112. [MEGA] Touhoumon GBA/GBC
  113. Custom VC SNES Jurassic Park US
  114. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare (link fixed)
  115. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Beavis and Butthead (link fixed)
  116. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Paperboy 2 (link fixed)
  117. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
  118. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Shin Megami Tensei I & II
  119. SNES VC GAMES {Shin Megami Tensei English
  120. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] R-Type III: The Third Lightning
  121. All of the EU GBA Games go to the black screen for me
  122. [ Custom SNES VC ] [Zippy] UMK3, Bruce Lee, SimCity
  123. [CUSTOM VC INJECT]TMNT:Tournament Fighters
  124. Are vc Super metroid and a link to the past euro vc going to be uploaded today?
  125. [MEGA][GBC] Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version (English Translation)
  126. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Zelda : A Link To The Past NTSC FRENCH (Canada)
  127. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 ( USA )
  128. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Contra III - The Alien Wars
  129. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
  130. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Cold Shadow
  131. [MEGA] Mother 3 GBA CIA Espańol/Spanish COLOR RESTORED
  132. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Primal Rage
  133. Mark's Custom injected GBA roms
  134. [MEGA][SNES VC Injection] Magical Pop'n Fan Translation [RF]
  135. [MEGA] GBA VC collection, as much accurate as possible to official GBC VC! 77 titles!
  136. [Userscloud] Pokémon Azul, Blue, Blu (Esp, Eng, Ita) LEGIT CIA
  137. GBA CIAs not working
  138. [MEGA] (Custom SNES VC) Colinbound
  139. [CUSTOM SNES VC] [MEGA] Gradius III
  140. [MEGA] Fire Emblem 7 gba [USA] .cia
  141. Final Fantasy VI Advance - Sound Restoration 2.0 plus Colour Restore and Font Upgrade
  142. [MEGA] [EUR] Final Fantasy VI Advance Remastered (Color Patch, Sound Restoration V2)
  143. Kururin Paradise VC CIA (sleep mode patched)
  144. Sonic Battle VC GBA CIA (sleep mode patched)
  145. Rhythm Heaven Silver Translation GBA VC CIA (sleep mode patched)
  146. Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town VC GBA CIA (sleep mode patched)
  147. [SNES VC Costum] Killer Instinct, Wild Guns, Sunset Riders
  148. PacMan 2, Mario & Wario, Buster Busts Loose, Gunman's Proof, Tactics Ogre:LUCT(SNES)
  149. GBA VC Console help
  150. VC N64 Injection CIA
  151. [Old3DS] Question: Injection snes rom in cia super dragon ball butoden 2 [Link added]
  152. Harvest Moon MORE Friends of Mineral Town VC GBA CIA (sleep mode patched)
  153. Taking GBA CIA VC Requests, starting with 6 roms
  154. [Update 29.03.2016] GameBoy Color Virtual Console Games
  155. [SNES][VC INJECTION] Chrono Trigger [GER]
  156. Lode Runer (U) VC NES.cia
  157. [MEGA][N3DS] Shinji257's VC SNES Dumps (USA/EUR/JPN) *Private Dump + Cryptofix*
  158. [MEGA] (Custom GBA VC) Mother 1
  159. *Duplicate* *Delete Me*
  160. [SNES][VC INJECTION] Lufia [GER]
  161. (MEGA) Maxen Custom Virtual Console NES - GB - GBC - GBA
  162. -removed-
  163. [MEGA] GBA VC collection
  164. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters GBA-VC (Europe)
  165. [REQUEST][SNES VC] Ultimate Fighter And Two Kunio Games
  166. A few Gameboy/Color/Advance games (Fixed GBA games)
  167. [MEGA] Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced.
  168. [GDRIVE] [GBA VC CIA] doing requests
  169. Mother/EarthBound Series English Fan Translations [RF] [MEGA]
  170. [MEGA] [GBA VC CIA] Some RPG games with sleep mode patch
  171. [MEGA] The Sims Bustin' Out (plus your requests)
  172. [MEGA][GB/GBC] Twitch Plays Pokémon Anniversary VCs
  173. [Mega] [GBA VC CIA] Doing requests (Patched for color correction and anti-ghosting)
  174. Can Someone please make Alien vs Predator Arcade Game
  175. [MEGA] [GBA] Special-case Patched Game Injections!
  176. [MEGA] Puyo Pop Fever (E - EN,FR,DE,IT,ES) GBA inject
  177. [NES] SUPER PAPYRUS (Undertale Pack)
  178. [Mega] (Custom GBA VC) Mother 3 English Translation v1.2 (Restored Color)
  179. GBA - Magical Vacation English Patched
  180. [GDRIVE] [blargSNES: Virtual Console] SNES GAMES OLD 3DS
  181. [MEGA] 220+ GBA Games (Colors restored, ghosting begone!)
  182. [MEGA] [blargSNES] My SNES VC Games (work on o3ds)
  183. [taking requests] custom o3ds snes vc
  184. [MEGA] GB Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2 (ROM HACK, COLORIZED)
  185. [MEGA] [O3DS][ALL] The Ultimate blargVC SNES Collection
  186. (RELEASE) Special Mario Bros NES VC as .3ds and .cia!
  187. [MEGA] Medarot G - Kabuto and Kuwagata version
  189. [Mega/GD] Complete HM: Mineral Town Set (inc True Love patch)
  190. [REQUEST] Earthbound Zero Easy Patch
  191. genesis games?
  192. [GDRIVE] Mother 3 Fan Translation 1.1 GBA VC CIA
  193. [blargSnesVC][o3ds] Wild Guns
  194. [1fichier] Final Fantasy III (Famicom, fan-translated)
  195. [ SNES VC INJECTS ] (Requests!) (Offical looking!)
  196. (GBC) Dragonball Z : Legendary Super Warriors
  197. [MEGA] Game Gear Games (Requests! Official Looking!)
  198. [MediaFire] Gameboy,Nes,GBC,GameGear Bootlegs~RomHacks~HomeBrew
  199. [MEGA](update.22.09.2017) lucaster's vc injection games (No Request)
  200. [REQUEST] The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang VC CIA
  201. [MEGA] Gradius Galaxies (GBA)
  202. Megaman X2 and X3 (plus GBA converts!)
  203. Pokemon My Ass version [GOOGLE DRIVE]
  204. [Release] Ultimate VC Injector for 3DS Super Easy Tool for making your own CIA
  205. (MEGA) Pokemon rom hacks gbc, gb, gba & My collection of games
  206. [Mega] injection Collection
  207. [MEGA] Original Spyro the Dragon GBA games
  208. [REQUEST] All New 3DS exclusive SNES roms
  209. [MEGA] My Collection of Games NES, GBC, and GG
  210. Delete
  211. [Request] Rare GBA CIAs
  212. Nes - 12 grand ma
  213. [MEGA] SMT DemiKids Light Version & Dark Version
  214. Lode Runner
  215. [Request] GBA GTA CIA with saving.
  216. [MEGA] Super Castlevania IV Official VC (US)
  217. [MEGA] Keitai Denjuu Telefang 1 and 2 + more
  218. [MEGA] Breath of Fire SNES Official VC (US)
  219. 3ds cia
  220. [REQUEST] Super Mario RPG as cia
  221. A few request for BlargVC converters...
  222. Need help with blargVC...
  223. VC Super Mario All-Stars+World-SNES CIA Not Loading
  224. [Request] GBA Game Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu
  225. [Request] [GBA] Digimon Battle Spirit - English (CIA)
  226. [MEGA] Energy Breaker CIA - English translation
  227. [GDRIVE] Pokémon Prism Version (v0.91 build 0144) VC Inject CIA
  228. [MEGA] Pokémon Prism VC Inject .CIA (INCLUDING LINK CABLE PATCH)
  229. [MEGA][GBC] Pokémon Prism Version 0.93 + Debug
  230. Offical Looking Virtual Console Games (SNES, NES, GB and more!)
  231. Pokemon Prism 2016 New VC & Old VC + GBC Rom includes pikasav for save editing
  232. Zelda hyrule fantasy famicom disk (port wii to 3ds)
  233. [GBA] [CIA] Moemon Revival V2.0 + Magikarp-tan
  234. [Request] Star Wars Trilogy Apprentice Of The Force - GBA
  235. [MEGA][GBC] Pokémon Prism Version (Debug + Latest patch/update)
  236. [MEGA] Pokemon Fire Red GBA Virtual Console (Save bug fixed)
  237. Thegwall's Quick 'n' Dirty Custom SNES VC
  238. [MEGA] GBA VC Pack!
  239. my random cias
  240. [MEGA] Wolfenstein 3D / WOLF3D - GBA
  241. [Mega][GBA] Monster Rancher Advance (Taking GBA requests)
  242. [MEGA] Doing all kind of injected VC, i mainly accept Requests from you guys ^^
  243. (GBA CIA) Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (U)
  244. NES (USA) Ambassador Program
  245. Megaman X3 Zero Playable VC CIA
  246. [Mega] Taking GBA requests
  247. The Legend of Zelda DX [Delocalized] [Automap Hack] NES
  248. My personal GBA and GB/C injects (including Poke Rom Hacks)
  249. [MEGA] [CIA] Pokémon Glazed - ENGLISH Pokemon fan game
  250. [MEGA] Metroid: Radiant Dawn (NES Hack Rom) [EU/US]