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  1. [REQ] Some GBA VC (EU)!
  2. [GBA] Riviera: The Promised Land
  3. All GBA PKM games (FRA)
  4. [req] nes vc eu original
  5. REQ sleep patched GBA roms
  6. Pokemon Romhacks - Roms provided
  7. Dragonball z buus fury gba cia Request
  8. Request: GBA Magical Quest games
  9. GB official releases with the Gameboy Skin in unscaled mode.
  10. Requesting 3 games: Supermario advanced 4,and 2x Yugioh
  11. [GBA] Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis & Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  12. [SOLVED][Nes VC] Milon's secret castle
  13. VC Tom & Jerry - NES Request
  14. [SOLVED] Requesting NES and GBC ROMhacks into CIA (ROMs provided!)
  15. Official VC .cias
  16. [SOLVED] Medabots RPG: Metabee and/or Rokusho GBA?
  17. [SOLVED]2 GBA games
  18. [SOLVED] Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 (english translation) CIA Request
  19. all Game Gear vc games
  20. [Solved] [GBA] Request: It's Mr. Pants / Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
  21. [SOLVED] Two Mega Man Battle Network hacks (ROMs provided!)
  22. [Solved]The guardian Legend & Journey to silius (best ost on nes)
  23. [Solved] Nes Gems ( Bucky O'hare and others)
  24. The Boktai Trilogy GBA .cia's
  25. [Solved] Avenging Spirit (game boy)
  26. [Solved] Super Mario Bros Deluxe GBC
  27. [SOLVED] [GB] The Sword of Hope series
  28. some game boy game missing (official release)
  29. [SOLVED] [GB] Pinball: Revenge of the Gator
  30. [SOLVED] [GB] Stargate
  31. [SOLVED] [GB] Galaga & Galaxian
  32. Requesting little sound dj.
  33. Shantae for the GBC
  34. [Solved] Batman return of the jocker nes & Vice :project doom
  35. other game boy game missing
  36. [Request] Rockman4 Minus Infinity (MMC5) Please? [ Solved ]
  37. [SOLVED] Two Pokémon hacks for GB/GBC (pre-patched ROMs provided)
  38. Super Monkey Ball Jr. and Wario Ware, Inc.
  39. [Solved] Ranger-X, Shadow Run and Bare Knuckle III [Solved]
  40. [SOLVED] Beavis and Butt-head Sega MD
  41. [SOLVED] The S Factor: Sonia and Silver - Genesis/Megadrive Sonic1 romhack
  42. Can we get a Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei 3DS VC rom?
  43. [SOLVED] GEN-MD request for davhuit
  44. Request - Konami Wai Wai World (NES English)
  45. [REQUEST] NES VC (Original, no injects or ports)
  46. [REQUEST] Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku 1 and 2
  47. [SOLVED] Pokemon Pyrite (Cristal Hackrom)
  48. request Castlevania II: Simon's Quest redaction
  49. [Solved] Requesting Flink and alien soldier GN-MD
  50. [Solved] Requesting Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage on GEN-MD
  51. NHL 94 (USA) for Megadrive / Genesis
  52. pokemon sweet version .cia not working..
  53. request mario world snes
  54. Can anybody help me injecting 4 VC games to CIA version in spanish? Please
  55. [Request] Zombie ate my neighbors from sega genesis
  56. [Solved!] [NES] Summer Carnival '92 RECCA
  57. {REQUEST} Nes VC Panic Restaurant
  58. [SOLVED] [GB] Alleyway (World)
  59. castlevania 3 dracula curse
  60. [Solved] Columns Crown for GBA
  61. REQUEST Oddworld Gameboy Games
  62. [Solved] Hudson's Adventure Island NES
  63. [SOLVED] [REQUEST] Drill Dozer (U)
  64. Fire Emblem 6 The Binding Blade English Patched
  65. Legend Of Zelda games
  66. Rainbow Islands GameBoy Color
  67. [NES] Battletoads and Super Robin Hood
  68. Pokemon Blue Colourized for Gameboy Color
  69. [Request] Mother 3 translation v1.2 (not the 1.1 ones)
  70. REQUEST: Azure Dreams GBC CIA
  71. [REQUEST] Mother 25th Anniversary Edition NES VC CIA & Tengen NES CIA
  72. [Genesis] Sonic Classic Heroes
  73. [Request] <GBA> Zone of the Enders: The Fists of Mars
  74. [ GBC REQUEST] Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal CIA
  75. [Request] Super Mario Bros. 3mix Rev 2B (ROM provided) [Solved]
  76. [Request] GBC Games : Lucky Luke, Pokémon TCG2, Uno, Spirou
  77. [REQUEST] Mario Kart Super Circuit CIA
  78. [REQUEST] NES Battle City
  79. (NES Request) Play Action Football
  80. [Request][GBC] Pokemon Bing Crystal
  81. Famicom Minis series
  82. [Request] <GBC> Pokemon Diamond (Fakemon)
  83. Gbc vc
  84. [Request] Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation with all navis from the start
  85. [Request] grandia parallel trippers gameboy color english
  86. [Request] Mother Series in .cia format
  87. Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy GBA .cia
  88. (GBA VC) [request] Mortal Kombat Advance
  89. [Request] [Nes] [VC] D-Pad Hero 2 Cia
  90. NES - Mr. Gimmick / Gimmick!
  91. Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral town
  92. [REQUEST](GBA) Disney's Magical Quest starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  93. [REQUEST] Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 in CIA (with fixed save)
  94. [REQUEST] (GBC) Lufia The Legend Returns english CIA
  95. alex kidd in miracle world
  96. [Request] WiiU versions of Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel/Protoman
  97. request pc engine games
  98. EUR Ambassador GBA games and certificate
  99. [REQUEST] Conker Pocket Tales
  100. [Request] ALttP Voice Removal hack in VC form
  101. [REQUEST] Super Papyrus Bros.
  102. Pokemon Shiny Gold (GBA)
  103. (GB) Lucky Luke
  104. [REQUEST] Rockman 4 Minus Infinity (Ver 1.0)
  105. [REQUEST] Mother 1 Spanish CIA
  106. [REQUEST] Radar Mission (GB) (VC) (eShop)
  107. [REQUEST] GBA Video (Sonic X Vol. 1, ect)
  108. [Request] Puyo Puyo games (Game Gear)
  109. [Request] Kindaichi Case Files GBC
  110. Requesting GB games. US or RF please. Fullscreen please.
  111. [REQUEST] Rockman 4 Burst Chaser X Air Sliding (romhack)
  112. [Request][Sega Game Gear] Deep Duck Trouble - English
  113. [Nes Title] Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Request
  114. [Request][NES] The Legend of Zelda (correct aspect ratio)
  115. castlevania pc engine
  116. Pokemon Blue Colorized Version please?
  117. Mother 2 English .cia?
  118. Super Mario Bros 2 .cia EUR Official or Very Similar
  119. Please somebody!!!!
  120. Zoids Legacy
  121. (NES) I assure you they are all interesting games
  122. GBA VC the lord of the rings trilogy in cia please?
  123. Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya for the GameGear
  124. Original VC Games
  125. Request: LSDj for Gameboy
  126. [REQUEST][HELP] POWDER GBA Virtual Console Inject
  127. Pokémon GSC using the VC from Pokémon RBY eShop Release - English
  128. Pokémon R/B Full Color using VC RBY releases
  129. [Request] Pokemon TwitchPlaysPokemon Version
  130. [Request][GBC] Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest - English
  131. [Request][PC Engine] Castlevania Rondo of Blood - English
  132. Pokemon Rosso, Blu, Giallo
  133. [REQUEST] G/S/C injection in Pokemon Yellow USA Eshop release
  134. [Request] Pokemon Rojo, Azul and Amarillo USA Wth Criptofix
  135. Pokemon Giallo Virtual Console 3DS
  136. [Request][Genesis/MD] Snow Bros. Nick & Tom - English
  137. [Request][GBC] Pokemon Trading Card Game 2: Here Comes Team Rocket (Eng Patch)
  138. Pokémon R/B/Y german gateway
  139. Request: Pokémon Yellow STRIKE .cia
  140. [REQ] Pokemon ThunderYellow using eShop PKMN Yellow VC.
  141. [REQ] Original Pokemon Yellow using eShop Yellow VC.
  142. Pokémon Rouge - Jaune - Bleu (FR)
  143. [Request] Official eShop rips?
  144. [Request] New SNES Injected versions of ALTTP, and FF IV
  145. [Request] Yoshi's Island SNES inject
  146. [Request] New SNES Injected Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story
  147. [Request][SNES] Dragon Quest III: Into the Legend - English
  148. [Request][GBC] Telefang Speed/Power
  149. [Request] Super Mario RPG SNES inject
  150. [Request][SNES] Some Staples - RPG's/J-ENG Translations -
  151. [Request][SNES] SNES Fire Emblems - English (fan translation)
  152. (Request) Metal Walker Custom VC
  153. [Request][SNES] Tactics Ogre (ENG translation) inject
  154. [REQ] Super Mario All Stars + World
  155. [Request][SNES] DoReMi Fantasy (Japanese)
  156. [Request][SNES] Harvest moon
  157. [Request][GBA]Super Monkey Ball Jr.
  158. {REQUEST} Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES VC CUSTOM
  159. [Request] Pokemon trading card game OFFICIAL NINTNEDO VC
  160. Pokemon green (jap) / red / blue patch [full color, XP bar, Catched, B-run]
  161. [REQUEST] [SNES INJECT] The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past CANADIAN
  162. [REQUEST] [SNES INJECT] Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 + Hook
  163. [Request] super puyo puyo and Lemmings SNES VC
  164. [Request] SNES Soul Blazer NTSC
  165. Requesting Godzilla:Domination for GBA Please
  166. [Request] Shin Megami Tensei I & II SNES (w/ Eng Translation Patches)
  167. [REQUEST] [SNES] Shin Megami Tensei I & II (english patched)
  168. Hacked MMBN6 Games .cia conversion
  169. [Request][SNES-VC] Aladdin NTSC-USA English
  170. Request: Pokemon Brown and Pokemon Prism Injected into Pokemon Yellow VC
  171. [Request][SNES] Mortal Kombat II inject
  172. [REQUEST] Final Fantasy V SNES
  173. [REQUEST][SNES] Panel de Pon\Tetris Attack
  174. [Request][SNES] contra 3 inject
  175. [Request][SNES inject] JRPGS [Spanish]
  176. [Request][GBA] Final Fantasy 6 with music and color patch- English
  177. [REQUEST] SNES Turtles in Time
  178. [Request] [SNES Virtual Console] Zelda a Link To The Past EUR
  179. Super Mario Land officiall european e-shop vc version
  180. [Request] [SNES VC] Energy Breaker - English Version 1.02
  181. request snes virtual console gundam wing endless dual
  182. [REQUEST][.GBA]Mega Man Battle network 6 hacks converted to .CIA format
  183. SplatooD NES homebrew
  184. [TOO-GLITCHY] [SNES] Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 (English Patched)
  185. [Request] [SNES] [English] DKC2, Panel de Pon translation/Tetris Attack, BoF2-, FDC2
  186. [Request][GBA] Pokemon XXX Adventures - ENG
  187. [Request] A SNES virtual console injection tutorial
  188. [REQUEST] Zoda's Revenge: Startropics 2 NES VC CIA
  189. [Request] [SNES] [English] Clock Tower: The First Fear [No Special Chips]
  190. [Request] [SNES] [English] Clock Tower: The First Fear [No Special Chips]
  191. [SNES INJECT] TERRANIGMA French Version
  192. [REQUEST] [NES] Earth Bound Beginnings 25th Faithful Edition [Non-Widescreen]
  193. [Request] [SNES] [English] Radical Dreamers [HiROM/No Special Chip]
  194. [Request][GBA] Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - English
  195. [request] rock n roll racing usa gba vc inject
  196. Pokemon Glazed cia request
  197. [Request][SNES] Zelda A Link to the Past (No manual for gateway)
  198. [REQUEST] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Restoration Hack.
  199. [Request] Pokémon Rojo (ESP) & Rosso (ITA) LEGIT CIA
  200. [Request][SNES] Super Mario Kart - official Virtual Console
  201. [Request] Treasure of the Rudras VC snes injection
  202. [Request] Randomized Pokemon Silver?
  203. Dragon Ball Z Team Training
  204. [request] Axelay SNES as vc cia
  205. [Request][GBC] Star Wars Episode I - Obi-Wan's Adventures - En,Fr,De,Es,It
  206. Fan-translated Mecha games for SFC VC
  207. Official Japanese Virtual Console games
  208. [REQUEST] Pokemon Naturia Version
  209. [Request][GBA] Pokémon Bolt Emerald [HACKROM]
  210. [Request][GBC] Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal - English
  211. Request (NES VC) Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
  212. [Request][Snes] Star Ocean: English translation
  213. [Request] Telefang 2: Power Version
  214. [REQUEST] SNES VC - StarFox, Super Mario RPG and Yoshi's Island
  215. [REQUEST] Neo-Geo and other consoles Virtual Console
  216. Official Donkey Kong Country 1&2 and F-Zero EUR
  217. (Request) Donkey Kong Country , Erthbound and Super Mario kart? Virtual console USA
  218. [REQUEST] Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Super Mario Kart (USA, Official)
  219. [CUSTOM SNES] Super Metroid hacked Roms
  220. Snes injections on o3ds using J-Legend
  221. [Request] Zelda eShop games [EUR]
  222. MMBN 5 Team Colonel WiiU VC patched (patch provided)
  223. [Request] Bomberman Quest (GBC)
  224. [REQUEST] Chrono Trigger SNES VC Inject Spanish Fanslation
  225. [Request][NES] Space Shuttle Project- English
  226. [REQUEST] Mother 2 (JAP) Virtual Console Dumped CIA (Official)
  227. {Request} Captain Tsubasa 3 spanish fandub
  228. [Request][GB-eShop] Pokémon Rosso - Italian
  229. [REQUEST] Wario's Woods NES Injection
  230. [Request] [NES] Ufouria - The Saga
  231. [REQ] All official SNES VC JAPANESE games
  232. captain tsubasa II super striker NES eng patch
  233. [Request][NES] Original EU CIA's
  234. [Request] [NES] SUPER MARIO BROS Special X1
  235. [Request][GBC] Shantae original eshop version
  236. [Request] [GBC] Shantae USA - Original Not ROM inyected version
  237. [Request][GBA] Scurge: Hive (English)
  238. [Request] [GBA] Tetris Advance (J)
  239. Request: Dragon Quest III SNES - English Translation
  240. [Request] Fullscreen SNES VC on N3DS?
  241. [Request][GBA] Mario Advance 1/2 Color restoration Hacks and Aria of Sorrow Spanish
  242. Super Metroid (US) VC legit; not injected
  243. [VC NES] Trouble when I try to convert Infidelity's "Zelda - The Legend of Link"
  244. [Request][GBA] The Lord of the Rings: Third Age
  245. [GBC] Heroes of Might and Magic 1 and 2
  246. [Request][Genesis] Vectorman
  247. Zelda: Link To The Past (US)
  248. [Request] [Genesis] Herzog Zwei & The Lost Vikings [.CIA]
  249. [Request][SNES] The Mask,Asterix,Metal Warriors,and Adam's Family,Power Rangers Movie
  250. SNES Zelda A Link to the Past USA cia