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  1. Request: Rune Factory 4 Undub
  2. [REQUEST] TLOZ: Ocarina Of Tima 3D Full Decrypted ROM
  3. Request: Smash Bros 4 Undub
  4. How can I convert tex to img
  5. Request: Tomodachi Collection: New Life English Translation
  6. Love Plus 3DS
  7. Rebuild Kingdom hearts 3D
  8. Any guide to help undub a 3ds rom?
  9. Mario Kart 7 CCI (NOT CIA) Request
  10. Guide to making a rom translation?
  11. pokemon random
  12. Language Flash
  13. Japanese Games with English Subtitles?
  14. Looking For Pokemon ORAS Randomized USA?
  15. Request: Kingdom Hearts 3D Undub
  16. [Request] Rutile Ruby
  17. Fire Embem IF English Translation
  18. (Request) Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition [UNDUB]
  19. Youkai Watch Butsers
  20. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers UNDUB
  21. Time Travelers Eng Translation Request
  22. Request Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold (undub)
  23. Request : Persona Q Undub
  24. requesting project x zone
  25. Pokemon Star Sapphire Version 1.1
  26. Didn't see it in the releases, nor the requests forum... TyranitarTube's AS Extreme?
  27. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Undub Fixed reupload
  28. REQUEST - Is there a Dai Gyakuten Saiban / Great Ace Attorney English Patch?
  29. [Request] Shougi Game translation (any 3DS one)
  30. [REQUEST] LBX/Danball Senki Baku Boost
  31. [REQUEST] LBX/Danball Senki Baku Boost
  32. (Request) (UNDUB) LBX: Little Battlers eXperience / Danball Senki Baku Boost
  33. Pokemon Rutile 1.1 request
  34. Dragon Quest Request
  35. (Request) (UNDUB) Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (U)
  36. [REQUEST] Beyond the Labyrinth English Patched ver1.1 3DS Rom & CIA
  37. (REQUEST) English menu translation patch for DQVIII?
  38. [REQUEST]The Great Ace Attorney in English
  39. [REQUEST] Animal Crossing New Leaf with City Folk Soundtrack
  40. Pokemon Omega Ruby with Hard Mod and Randomizer?
  41. Request Xenoblade chronicles Undub
  42. Request a Pokemon ORAS hack
  43. -
  44. Request Stella glow (undub)
  45. [Request] Yo-Kai Watch Undub
  46. Xenoblade Chronicles
  47. Decrypted Super Smash Bros. v1.1.2 [USA] update
  48. [Request] Bust may mod prepatched?
  49. ORAS / X / Y Latest updates decrypted
  50. {QUESTION} how to convert code.bin to title.code?
  51. Translation ENG / FR for Monster hunter X
  52. Rising ruby
  53. [Reques] New Love Plus Plus
  54. New Style Boutique 2 - HANS Patch for Sky3DS
  55. Request: Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3 Translation English
  56. Request: kanji no Yakata to Obake-tachi (the 6 titles)
  57. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon German Patch
  58. Request: Persona Q DLC UNDUB
  59. Cave Story eShop AGTP translation (already made) HANS patch conversion to CIA
  60. [Request] Super Robot War UX interface Translation
  61. Hyrule Warriors JP Demo
  62. [REQUEST] SKY 3DS Template for Hyrule Warriors Legends JAPAN VERSION
  63. [Request] Final Fantasy Explorers Undub
  64. Request: Rising Ruby + Sinking Sapphire code & romfs for Hans
  65. [REQUEST] DragonBall Heroes Ultimate Mission 2
  66. [REQUEST] Senran Kagura 2 HANS English patch for JP cart
  67. [REQUEST] Soni Pro: Super Sonico in Production English Translation
  68. (Uploaded by Mauste you can close now)Request EOU2 EUR Undub
  69. Project X Zone 2 EUR w/ Original Game Sounds
  70. (Uploaded by Mauste) Request Fire Emblem Fates USA Undub
  71. [REQUEST] Hyrule Warriors: Legends - Languages Removed
  72. [Request]UnchainBlade USA Undub
  73. Pokemon Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire (Drayano Hack)
  74. [Request] Inazuma Eleven 1.2.3 In English
  75. [Request] Inazuma Eleven: Go Galaxy In English
  76. [Request] Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (undub of character voices)
  77. [Request] - Fire Emblem Fates "Reverse Dub"
  78. [Request] Pokemon Rutile Ruby v1.3
  79. Bravely Default 2nd Undub
  80. [Request] Fire Emblem Fates Expanded Same-Sex Marriage Patch
  81. [REQUEST] Pokemon Eternal X & Wilting Y ROM Hack
  82. [request] pokemon neo y
  83. [Request]Inazuma eleven 3 undub
  84. [REQUEST] Fire Emblem Fates DLC undubs
  85. [REQUEST] 7th Dragon III Code VFD Translated
  86. [Request] Hyrule Warriors Legends Undub
  87. Kaitou Joker: Toki o Koeru Kaitou to Ushinawareta Houseki Request
  88. [REQUEST] [EURO/ RF] Fire Emblem Fates Special edition + UNDUB
  89. Yo-Kai Watch EUR Undub?
  90. [Request] Kirby Planet Robobot: UFO and Smash Bros without amiibo
  91. CTGP-7 4.1 CIA request
  92. Requesting Fire Emblem fates (U) +swimsuit patch ONLY .3ds NOT cia and ENGLISH
  93. [REQ] 7th Dragon VFD III UNDUB
  94. Decrypted .3ds Rom for Citra with Fire Emblem Awakening Same-Sex Marriage (+ More)
  95. Request : Fire Emblem Special Edition Eur Undub Hans
  96. Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Expanded Same Sex Marriage + Other
  97. request fire emblem awakening and fate multiple marriage patch decrypted
  98. [Request] Fire Emblem Gay Awakening romfs for Hans
  99. [request] pokemon rutile ruby 2.0 .3ds decrypted rom to play on citra
  100. [Request] Star Fox 64 3D (U) Undub.
  101. [REQUEST]Fire Emblem Fates Birthright EU undub
  102. [REQUEST] Professor Layton 3DS games.
  103. [request] culdcept revolt english patch
  104. Request : Inazuma Eleven Thunder Flash Undub.NDS
  105. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 Translation
  106. [Request] Fab Style 3DS - English Translation (Fashion/Dating sim) UPDATED 10-9-2016
  107. [REQUEST] Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight portrait replacer
  108. Request:Can i get a working ORAS mod for citra randomized and hard difficulty?
  109. Dragon ball Fusions Translation (request)
  110. Reupload bravley default uncensored usa .3ds rom?
  111. Custom Megas and Models - pk3DS and ROM Hacks
  112. [Request] 3DS Decrypted NAND.bin back-up
  113. Street figther IV 3ds romhack guide ??
  114. (REQUEST) Style Savvy FASHION FORWARD decrypted for CITRA PLLZ!
  115. [Request]Rune Factory 4 Undub Decrypted for Citra
  116. Request: Pokémon Neo Y .romfs file for HANS
  117. layeredfs of this pokemon romhack
  118. [Request] Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse UNDUB
  119. [Request] Dragon Quest VII with original Japanese audio
  120. Request Dragon quest VII US with japanese Orchestrated soundtrack
  121. Fire Emblem Awakening Same-Sex Marriage V0.2.1
  122. Dragon Quest VII - Orchestra patch [HANS]
  123. Dragon quest Vii 3ds for Citra
  124. Request: Fire Emblem Fates (US, Special edition) Map Packs FOR Citra
  125. Youkai Watch 2 UNDUB BONEY / Fleshy soon
  126. [Request] .Cia to .3ds - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D Translation
  127. Dragon Quest VIII (JPN) Translation Patch?
  128. Gurumin 3D undub
  129. [Request]fire emblem fates special undub decrypt
  130. Completely Retextured ORAS Pokedex
  131. [request]inazuma eleven wildfire undub
  132. [REQUEST] Fire Emblem Fates conquest: recruitment Swap patched rom
  133. Fan Translation for Youkai Watch 3.
  134. [Request ]Pokemon Rising Sun, waning Moon cia
  135. [REQUEST] Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers [UNDUB, CIA]
  136. AA Spirit of Justice - dubbing JPN .3ds file with ENG localization?
  137. Fire Emblem Fates Question
  138. [Request]Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX: Mix Edition v1.0
  139. Gender neutral XY/ORAS/SUMO protag - feasible?
  140. Puzzle and Dragons X translation patch
  141. [Request] Fire Emble Awakening / Fates - Undub + marriage patched .3ds
  142. [Request] Placing Bravely Second ENG Romfs files to JPN Romfs files?
  143. [REQUEST] Super Mario 3d land decrypted romfs
  144. Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Durarara! DLC Request
  145. (REQUEST) Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Hans Undub, .romfs Undub
  146. Dragon quest VIII Undub
  147. Fire Emblem if/Fates Content Restoration .cia and 4.0 fan translation .cia?
  148. Requesting Post Deletion
  149. [Request] Firemblem Fates Special Edition Undub ENG Patched(JPN version Uncensored)
  150. Can anyone do a mod for Pokemon Moon to raise the level cap to 255?
  151. Puyo Puyo Tetris Translation?
  152. Request - Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World decrypted for CITRA
  153. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold EUR undub [romfs/cia]
  154. ACNL - replace home music with KK Slider acoustic tracks?
  155. Fire Emblem If (Undub, FanTranslated) Decypted for Citra
  156. Fire emblen if special edition english patched 4.1
  157. Pokemon Light Platinum CIA?
  158. Request - Devil survivor 2 Recored breaker (Decrypted for use in crita)
  159. Shin Megami Tensei decrypted undubs
  160. [Request] pokemon Umbra moon and Nova sun .3ds ver expanded
  161. Etrian Odyssey 5 Translation
  162. Pokemon nova sun mod expanded for gateway !
  163. [Requests] Fire Emblem : Awakening (USA)
  164. Tomodachi Collection New Life with English Translation?
  165. [Request] Pokemon extreme randomizer Sun and Moon
  166. Pokemon sun and moon guide
  167. Yo-kai Watch Undub
  168. [Request] Shin Megami Tensei IV and Apocalypse undub
  169. [Request] Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition .3ds (not .cia) USA UNDUB
  170. [Request] Fire Emblem Echoes USA UNDUB working with HANS
  171. [Request] Fire Emblem Echoes UNDUB CIA
  172. [Request] Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition + Gay Fates + Corrinsexual buff + ALL DLC
  173. Braless/Underpantsless Senran Kagura Games?
  174. Tomodachi Life - expanded romance options?
  175. [Request] etrian odyssey v: beyond the myth
  176. Request: Bravely Default Uncensored USA for Citra
  177. [Request] Pokémon Sun/Moon randomized
  178. Fire emblem fates swimsuit patch(just the patch)
  179. Has someone a Fire Emblem If Special Edition Eng Patched Rom?
  180. DQMJ3 pro or DQM2 english patches
  181. Pokemon Umbra Moon 1.9 decrypted
  182. Raytwos fire emblem if special edition fanslation?
  183. [Request!] One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum Eng CIA
  184. Layton's Mystery Journey Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy [Undub] (LayeredF
  185. Pokemon ORAS both games randomized .3ds for citra
  186. [REQUEST] Etrian Odyssey V UNDUB Patch File
  187. [Request] Dragon Quest VII&VIII Undub and restored music?
  188. (Request) Battle Cats POP! for Citra 3DS emulator
  189. [REQUEST] Pokemon Supernova sun/Penumbra Moon hack-patched rom
  190. Request: Kingdom Hearts 3D possible Undub
  191. Fire Emblem Fates : Special Edition HANS Undub without Swimsuit.
  192. Fire Emblem Echoes- Shadows of Valentia Undub in .3ds format for GW?
  193. [REQ] Separate Translations from Hacks/Mods
  194. [Request] Need help for testing this modified rom
  195. Fire Emblem IF .3ds rom?
  196. [Request] Detective Pikachu (EUR) Undub patch?
  197. [REQUEST] Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition + Gay Fates
  198. [REQUEST] Style Savvy: Trendsetters- Kanokoi Male Branch
  199. Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker USA or EUR with DLC and Spotpass demons added
  200. [Requesting] Dragon quest VIII UNDUB,Uncensored,Orchestra
  201. [REQ] Pokemon 3DS rom hacks
  202. [REQ] Bravely Second (EUR) Uncensored (.cia NOT .3ds)
  203. [REQ] Boku no Hero Academia : Battle for All - Translation patch US
  204. Yo-kai Watch Blasters undub + restoration?
  205. [Request]: Cursed Castilla EX
  206. [Request]: The Great Ace Attorney English Patched 2.3.0
  207. [Request] Attack on Titan Future Coordinates Eng Translation!!!
  208. Requesting Fire Emblem Echoes spoofed
  209. Pokemon supernova sun/ penumbra moon romhack (usa/eur)
  210. Yokai Watch 3 (EU) undud
  211. REQUEST: Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth (Undub, Including DLC)
  212. Requesting Mario vs donkey kong Minis March Again with DLC
  213. (REQUEST) Devil Survivor 2 (JP) patched with Eng
  214. Yokai watch 3 undub?
  215. [REQUEST] The Great Ace Attorney Lastest Patch
  216. [REQ] Any way to play BEYOND THE LABYRINTH in English on Citra?
  217. [ReQUEST] Angry Birds with DLCDoes anyone have Angry Birds Trilogy + Star Wars with l
  218. [Request] PKMN Gen 1 & II VC Link Patches?
  219. [Request] Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 Demo English patched
  220. [TRANSLATION REQUEST] Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Machi
  221. [Request] Rocket Slime Adventures 3 Patched CIA
  222. [Request] Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker UNDUB
  223. [REQ] Bravely Default and Bravely Second uncensored but NOT undubbed decrypted Citra
  224. Dragon Quest XI 3D - switch 2D script port