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  1. About the Decryptors...
  2. SaveDataFiler cia
  3. Multiplayer and CFW
  4. does a theme work on 4.x CFW?
  5. question about Gateway and CFW, can those work together?
  6. Change region by changing software?
  7. The best CFW
  8. Anyone thinking on how to decrypt NTR CFW?
  9. Pasta CFW - A CFW that allows unsigned CIA to be installed on Old and New 3DS!-V1.2.1
  10. Long time lurker, question about CIAs
  11. How to back up NAND?
  12. Need Help with SaveDataFiler
  13. PBT-CFW​ Perfect Bricking Tool - Custom Firmware​
  14. NTR CFW 2.2 - Anti-Piracy Region-Free CFW on JP/EU/US/AUS New 3DS
  15. savedatafiler CIA - Confirmed Working On CFW
  16. DevMenu_2x.cia
  17. rxTools
  18. rxPasta - Run unsigned CIAs with rxTools!
  19. 3DS Multi EmuNAND Creator
  20. AGB_FIRM Signature Patcher + GBA ROM Converter
  21. CakesFW - Open Source CFW with emunand support!
  22. slot0x25KeyX.bin
  23. TRICK - Frontend for 4.X CFW with customizable boot options
  24. BigBlueMenu.cia
  25. ReiNand
  26. [MEGA] DevMenu, SaveDataFiler, and PlayCoinSetter (New Banners!)
  27. Best GW3DS / CFW hybrid solution?
  28. about the web browser explot aka spider exploit by gateway browser
  29. Its RXtool lauch down?
  30. PSA: Rxtools launcher is down, new alternative launcher
  31. Out of Region CIA
  32. Which CFW should I go with?
  33. CFW 7.x
  34. Question about .CIA go Online play.
  35. Brick with Pasta CFW?
  36. 3ds cfw help
  37. emunand and dstwo
  38. Missing JPN CIA files for NAND Region Change
  39. Pasta configurator, server error?
  40. rxTools Nightlies - Download Link + FAQ
  41. PSA: Rtools 3.0a + Devmode = Ability to use sysupdater safely in sysnand
  42. About the Internet Browser downgrading...
  43. Which is better?
  44. 9.9 Sysnand...
  45. Rxtools and cia to play online
  46. What is the best CFW for a Nintendo 3DS under the system firmware 4.5?
  47. What would be the best course of action?
  48. Error -2 with rxTools
  49. Can Somebody Build Themehax with THEMEDATA_PATH?
  50. Fire Emblem IF/fates English CIA help
  51. DSiWare CIA's on n3DS w/ rxTools
  52. Do you still need Cubic Ninja for a 1st time setup on a new 3DS?
  53. Are there any options for fw 10 users?
  54. Currently at 2.1.0-4U and am new to 3DS CFW scene, help?
  55. N3ds rxtools - touchscreen stays black?
  56. Question about 3ds internet browser
  57. Has there been any talk of EMUNAND injecting (cias/themes/ via PC program
  58. Getting a Yokai Watch 2DS for Christmas - What CFW is available
  59. Ironhax on 9.0 ?
  60. Downgrade for system up to 10.3
  61. what is the best CFW for N3DS FW 9.2 ?
  62. N3DS + rxtools 9.2.0-20 emunand HELP!!
  63. Any point in upgrading to 9.5
  64. Help with RXtools and SD Card
  65. Majora's mask save lost.
  66. Rxtools - October 2nd build - anyone have it?
  67. CakesFW - Open source CFW
  68. 9.6+ emuNAND on NEW 3DS is now a thing
  69. I'm confused and need some help!
  70. Olld 3DS FW 2.X suggestions
  71. any cfw?
  72. how do i delete imported cia games on cfw?
  73. Firmware for ReiNAND
  74. Why does Title Manager show such a weird FW?
  75. Cant access Eshop in ReiNand 10.5..
  76. Why is the GBA VC so barebones?
  77. key_0x1B.bin and key_0x16.bin for RXTools 3.0 Beta
  78. RxTools 3.0 Beta out!!! 10.5 emunand NEW 3DS, but... key_0x1B.bin and key_0x16.bin?
  79. Patched TWL_FIRM cias for O3DS and N3DS
  80. rxTools 3.0 files
  81. TWL Slot-1 Launcher (First custom DSiWare app!)
  82. how to run DSi Ware with a CFW?
  83. Install CFW
  84. Want to update to new cfw if possible
  85. N3DS RxTools CFW upgrading?
  86. Upgrading RxTools and EmuNAND to 10.3 version for a dummy
  87. How to transit from Gateway to CFW ? O3ds
  88. I need help with some CIA Games not working.
  89. Pokemon CIA VC Downloads
  90. Stage 2 TWL Flashcart Launchers!
  91. does rxtools 2.7 support 10.6 emunand
  92. problem updating RXtools
  93. Rxtools nightlies anywhere?
  94. HANS/RegionFree Personal Hit List
  95. I'm not being able to install any CIA I download here
  96. Gateway saves to .CIA without Gateway
  97. [QUESTION regarding rxTools CFW] So I just bought the AxC HHD Bundle new 3DS.....
  98. HELP: Can I update my custom firmware? (N3DS Reinand 9.2)
  99. Where/How do i get the key bins?
  100. DS games on my 3DS?
  101. Health&Safety Exploit
  102. Some questions about my O3DS Emunand
  103. Question about DLC for a RF .cia
  104. Should I get CFW? Is it worth it?
  105. How to procure firmware.bin
  106. help CFW 9.2 ->10.7
  107. [HELP] GBA games not working!
  108. [HELP] SNES VC injected cias get an error on Japanese firmware.
  109. rxtools.net down?
  110. From PastaCFW to RxTools
  111. [HELP] Friend list appearing offline
  112. Possible to upgrade memory card after CFW on SysNand?
  113. Transferring to Emunand and back?
  114. request cosmo loader firm bin
  115. ARM9LoaderHax System Transfer
  116. Problem saving custom GBA VC .cia
  117. How to install un-signed cia files to new 3ds 9.2
  118. NTR 3.3-3d cia menu
  119. Is it safe with CFW
  120. Help me to install CFW to my 3DS
  121. Quick question on save files
  122. Need help playing GBA CIAS
  123. Help me figure out what CFW or similar is running on my 3DS
  124. Little question about DLC's smash bros
  125. rednands, region change eshop
  126. Region Free?
  127. Micro SD Card / Emunand help
  128. Can't formate my SD card...
  129. 9,2 old 3ds xl
  130. Information please! (Games that require a certain firmware or higher.)
  131. New 3DS Hyrule edition firmware possibility
  132. lost ability to install unsigned cia files *solved*
  133. help with rxtools
  134. [MEGA] Cakes 175 Good-To-Go (A9LH payloads, firmkeys, firmwares 9.0-11.0 included)
  135. [Help] Sysnand 11.0
  136. firm90 from luma3ds ?
  137. Switch from rxTools to a9lh
  138. Safe to play online?
  139. [N3DSXL] Lost ability to play DS Games on Emunand since a9lh
  140. Please help..... :(!!
  141. Please Help- Issue with system update- redNAND
  142. AIO A9LH Configurations (any boot manager, every CFW, every app) (Release 9)
  143. Request: 11.0 firmware.bin and firmkey
  144. Request: 11.0 firmware.bin and firmkey
  145. old nintendo 3ds ver 2.2.0-0e
  146. old 3ds 2.2.0
  147. O3dS XL 9.2 Gateway
  148. cfw on old 3ds 11.0? please help!
  149. Replace Micro SD On CFW 3DS
  150. Take Game Screenshot and Check Temperature
  151. Please Help me put home-brew and cfw on old 3ds 8.1u!!!
  152. n3ds CFW to arm9 question
  153. Firmware & key files O3DS(XL)/2DS/N3DS(XL) for CORBENIK/SKEITH Custom Firmware
  154. Ninjhax play games
  155. A9lh gone wrong!
  156. pls help cfw 2.1.0-4e
  157. User Agreement problems
  158. playing DS games on Luma cfw plus arm9loaderhax
  159. need help.. want to know how to downgrade/install cfw/arms9lh and play 3ds games
  160. CFW on O3DS 2.2.0-0E (can't use browser)
  161. Newbee
  162. CFW on 11.0.0-33U doubts, help.
  163. News: Arm9loaderhax just got much easier to setup, EmuNAND is now obsolete
  164. CFW a9lh with firmware 11
  165. 2 days Straight, No Downgrade. New 3ds Jap ver 9.9.0-26j Please help me
  166. just migrated from gateway to luma,can't get my saves back please help
  167. I have CFW from a few months ago, can I switch over to the new arm9loaderhax method?
  168. NES REMIX causes critical error?
  169. Rxtools 2.6 and buged SD Card - HELP TO SAVE MY GAMES
  170. Any help to install A9LH & Luma on a O3DS w/RxTools?
  171. Can anyone help me with hacking my 3ds?
  172. Legit Hyrule Warriors USA _ Has anyone actually gotten this to work?
  173. 2ds firmware question
  174. FBI on sysNAND for GBA games ?
  175. Updating to 11.1.0-34 on EmuNAND
  176. CFW and roms
  177. Make my Nintendo 2DS great again!
  178. ARM9 + LUMA with NDS Flashcards
  179. Help with Plailect/Guide
  180. The AIO A9LH Pack (it's back, all current CFWs and apps supported) (Release 10)
  181. Update question/help needed
  182. 3DS cant go to home screen
  183. How to convert from Reinand to the best and latest cfw?
  184. Unknown Firm?
  185. GATEWAY AL9H N3DS 9.0.0-20 sysNAND question
  186. Plailect A9HL questions
  187. Issues with CFW (Luma3ds)
  188. stuck at Luma3ds v6.5
  189. A9LH Questions
  190. homebrew channel on 11.0.33 wanted to know
  191. Issues installing cia games
  192. how do i upgrade my emunand to latest ?
  193. Help Required for Downgrading 10.4 (JPN O3DS XL)
  194. I need Help with my 3ds
  195. I need help with my 3DS
  196. New SD Card Question
  197. minor question about transferring from one 3ds to another 3ds
  198. Help newbie here Jap 3ds
  199. Um how to do this?
  200. Playing JP games on NA O3DS - A9LH + Luma 6.6 - prevent eShop error 007-6106?
  201. RXTOOLS Mset to Luma3ds (Help)
  202. CIA's GW Compatible?
  203. Downgrading O3DS 11.1.0-34E with oot3dhax?
  204. Help - Loading CFW on Old 3DS on firwmare 5.1.0
  205. Which SafeA9LHInstaller version to use?
  206. Question about Updating
  207. A9LH arm11.bin browser freezes
  208. I want to put custom music in Zelda:OoT3D, can anyone help?
  209. Bug with Rxtools... Can't launch any version
  210. hello guys help a noob
  211. Transfer SD card data to new one.
  212. Nintendo 2DS 11.1.0-34E play .cias?
  213. noob help
  214. N3ds xl cfw...
  215. Noob to 3DS modding, require assistance
  216. Need help with downgrade options, help is very much appreciated!
  217. Luma3Ds install games
  218. Is it possible to install Luma3DS through the Homebrew Launcher?
  219. Can I get the "No-LinesQR" graphics mod working without Luma3DS?
  220. NTR CFW, DisabledNFC + Nooutlines patch
  221. Is it possible to play NDS games with a 3DS now that I have CFW?
  222. a downgrading question
  223. Nintendo e-shop update?! January 9th 2017
  224. Reinand user but wants to switch to A9LH w Luma3ds
  225. noob question
  226. NTR CFW, DisabledNFC + Nooutlines patch (update 1.1)
  227. Can't update luma
  228. Bans
  229. Luma3DS + A9LH - Out-of-region games quick question
  230. Luma3DS + A9LH - What can and can I not do?
  231. Playing Out of Region SNES games
  232. Noobiest of noob question
  233. help with using Micro SDXC in new 3ds
  234. Cannot format SD Card (CFW) :(
  235. swapping SD cards
  236. Question Using the HBLauncher FBI
  237. Friends List Freez
  238. Transferring games to a new 3ds
  239. freeShop problem!
  240. 3DS asks to update without it (a9lh + luma)
  241. ctr trafer massive dump?
  242. Installing Arm9hax and Luma onto FW
  243. Save File/Data Question
  244. does my isp know that i'm using freeshop from my 3ds
  245. Temporary move out game for install space.
  246. 11.3.0-36 is out.*A9HL & Luma Custom Firmware
  247. Need help with my 2ds!
  248. WARNING: do not update you o3ds emunand to 11.3
  249. WARNING: do not update your o3ds emunand to 11.3
  250. Luna and A9LH question