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  1. CFW spoof games
  2. QUESTION - Can I use a CIA to update my sysNAND?
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  11. Is it possible to have PBT/PastaCFW + GW Emu on same SD card?
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  15. Tekken 3D Prime Edition
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  17. RxTools Crash
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  23. rxtool won't load
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  32. Which CFW should I use with ninjhax 2.5?
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  35. CFW memory card help
  36. just want to update 3ds to 9x FW - please help
  37. Trouble with updating rxTools emuNAND.
  38. Hi I need help.
  39. rxTools no longer working
  40. [o3ds]How to restore sysnand/rid of current emunand/downgrade 9.2 SysNAND to 4.5?
  41. gift wrap bug
  42. cia install failed
  43. Ofw 4.x no browser. Help with cfw
  44. how to properly copy sd card? CFW
  45. help with n3ds u i cant update the emunand
  46. [9.2sys/10.3emu/4.5mset] PastaCFW not loading at all on 9.2 sysNAND, need H&S App
  47. CIA/CFW Problem
  48. I'm confused and need help!!
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  55. O3DS XL 8.1U Booting GW/Browserhax/ninjhax into a glitched web browser. Help?
  56. Simple question regarding rxTools/emunand
  57. Simple question regarding rxTools & emunand
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  62. One question...
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  71. 9.2 2DS CFW Help (I Have A Sky3DS+)
  72. Browser Downgrade He;p
  73. Of EmuNANDs and Consoles...
  74. Just curious but has anyone managed to inject VC roms over R/B/Y yet?
  75. Dumping/converting eShop games in emunand?
  76. i need help
  77. Old 3ds XL 10.2.0-23T CFW ready?
  78. How do I upgrade Microsd New 3dsXL reinand 10.6 16GB to 64GB?
  79. 2DS Arm9LoaderHax 10.7 CakesFW GBA Won't Work
  80. SD card upgrade import CIA fail.
  81. Unable to get HomeBrew Menu
  82. Flash carts help??
  83. Cannot boot rxtools.dat
  84. Help with updating CFW 3DS
  85. SOLVED. Cakes won't load Smash Bros?
  86. [SOLVED] Help with arm9loaderhax
  87. Aureinand 4.01 won't work/ Black emunand screen
  88. Downgraded my system; now what?
  89. [SOLVED] How to autoboot emuNand AuReiNand?
  90. How to setup Gateway after installed Reinand CFW ?
  91. Help meeee please
  92. CFW Installation Tutorial for the FW 10.7?
  93. ReiNand not loading after new gateway emuNand format, help?
  94. [SOLVED] Luma3DS can't launch Homebrew?
  95. Copying Sysnand to Emunand?
  96. Can someone ELI5 how to get custom made GBA VC to work?
  97. Can someone ELI5 how to get custom made GBA VC to work?
  98. Theories about downgrading emunand (11.0)?
  99. Browserhax
  100. [Need help] health and safety is gone
  101. Help?
  102. Mario Kart vs. CTGP- 7
  103. 7.1.0- 15e
  104. Need urgent help please on downgrading to 9.2(oot3dhax)
  105. Problems trying to install CFW/Homebrew launcher
  106. [HELP] Transfering Pokémons (CIA)
  107. Need 4.x NATIVE_FIRM+firmkey for booting a 4.5 emuNAND with Corbenik
  108. trouble while installing custom firmware. please help
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  110. Updating emuNAND
  111. Help!!!!!
  112. Just bought 3ds and have few questions :)
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  115. 3DSLL luma cfw can't play online
  116. New to CFW! Please help!
  117. Can I safely update emunand to latest firmware
  118. Transferring saves to CFW
  119. FBI only gives me an error.
  120. boot to normal 3ds instead of rxtools cfw mode
  121. boot to normal 3ds instead of rxtools cfw mode
  122. How to use 3DSware .3ds roms on softmod ?
  123. Updated to GW 11.1 and can't play roms
  124. Transferring CFW to bigger SD card?
  125. I need ninjhax help
  126. Stuck on 2.1
  127. Using jk's save manager with injected gba games
  128. Transfer games from one CFW 3DS to another CFW 3DS
  129. 007-6106 on sysNAND a9lh/Luma even wkith official titles
  130. Cakes CFW: Failed to decrypt the firmware
  131. Transfer sysNAND(a9lh/luma) from o3ds to n3ds?
  132. HELP With Pokémon Moon
  133. Update after 3ds.guide tutorial – Worth it?
  134. NNID being stupid, how to remove without formatting?
  135. New to CFW
  136. New 3DS XL - Failure to boot-up to CFW - Intermittent
  137. Unban 022-2812 error code
  138. NATE Cheats help needed
  139. N3DS NOOB - Help with existing CFW
  140. Theme Bricked EmuNAND, what now?
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  142. Is it possible to play 2DS games on the 3DS for free?
  143. Have Sky3ds+, is worth still using it or better go Luma3ds
  144. Installing arm9loaderhax problem
  145. Problem with Luma Updater
  146. Menuhax error after 3ds updated(using Arm9lh)
  147. how to update from sys 10.7.0-32E on a9lh
  148. Arm9lhx with luma, cia snes problem
  149. Where to start?
  150. inquaring On Cia decrypting and rebulding
  151. Questions I have about .cia with Luma3ds and FBI
  152. Update 11.3
  153. Hourglass9 Health & Safety inject failure
  154. Is It Safe To System Update on CFW???
  155. Moving Save Data
  156. 11.3 o3ds a9lh dead
  157. RX Tools to Luma
  158. Getting Rid of NNID
  159. questions about different firmware for N3DS XL.
  160. luma3ds emunand help
  161. Removing NNID on arm9loaderhax
  162. n3ds 11.3 black screen help
  163. Playing online with luma and NTR?
  164. Luma A9LH Online using Nintendo Account
  165. ,,An error has occurred forcing the software to close.."
  166. Can't play Japanese ROMs. Help!
  167. [Help]N3DS 11.4 Downgrade
  168. Want to play Fire Emblem but it requires an update
  169. [Request] ctrtransfer images N3DS E
  170. Noob Question: Out of region CIAs
  171. I can't download a file for boot9strap.
  172. How to transfer from CFW old 3ds to n3ds?
  173. luma3ds downgrade
  174. I have a few questions about NNID and CFW
  175. Phoenix Wright Spirit of justice "an exception occured" on Luma 8.1 + boot9strap
  176. o3ds system update to 11.3 error & blackscreen
  177. Game Errors On Launch
  178. Does your 3ds console crashes too in free shop when you press A on MH4U ?
  179. [REQUEST] Can anyone of you help me figure this out--getting rid of unwanted file.
  180. Fire Emblem Awakening Error
  181. Bravely second on sky3ds+
  182. I need help installing Boot9strap & Luma
  183. [REQUEST] 11.4U_N3DS CTRTransfer Image
  184. Get into godmode9 or restore backup sysNAND created by godmode9 on 11.6.0-39?
  185. Exception Occured Error Freeshop
  186. Need help with restoring and re-hacking my 3DS
  187. after cfw instaled my 3ds will crash when wifi is on
  188. QQ Re: Uploading a title key to 3ds Titlekey site
  189. update help
  190. DLC not showing up
  191. Random 3DS crashes????
  192. Reinand CFW 9.2 Outdated Help
  193. I can only get into the luma3ds configuration screen
  194. Newbie: free shop doesn't work, FBI qr problem
  195. Question --> How to transfer Cartridge Save to installed Game ?
  196. CFW crash on specific game only
  197. Help with installing cias
  198. CIA not being found in FBI ???
  199. How do you turn VC injects, including GBA, into ROMs?
  200. Help on updating games in fw sys 11.8.0-41
  201. DS On 3DS?
  202. Updating "downloaded" games on 11.8 cfw new 3ds?
  203. anemone question
  204. Help with Cheat Codes on MK7
  205. updating
  206. New 3DS Buyer
  207. Update or Not?
  208. i bought a CFW 2DS XL but i don't know how to install games
  209. How to set up plugin under luma
  210. I lost my sd card that has the cfw and i don't have a backup
  211. Screwed up while transferring CFW stuff to new sd card HELP!
  212. 1M Sub-Circuit is not downloaded / Save Error.
  213. noob bricked 2ds (old) while in sleep mode :[
  214. N00b needs help understanding formats CIA, .3DS, encrypted vs decrypted
  215. hi need help upgraded from a9hl to b9s
  216. 3DS Banwave?
  217. CFW for running DS rom on o3DS