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  1. 3ds friend code (post your codes here)
  2. 3DS Friend Code Exchange!
  3. Nintendo 3DS Friend Code Exchange
  4. 3DS AR Cards and a Webcam
  5. Anti-aliasing/screen filters possible..?
  6. Buying a 3ds xl.
  7. 3DS Movie Thread? Anyone
  8. If you could have a Limited Edition 3DS...
  9. My Custom 3DS XL
  10. What Are You Playing On Your 3DS/2DS At The Moment?
  11. How Many Hours Have You (So Far) Played Your 3DS/2DS?
  12. Sell my OWN 3DS, get ANOTHER 3DS with firmware 4.5 plan
  13. Buying new 3ds xl help
  14. If you could change something...
  15. Don't want to upgrade my 3ds console into ver9.0.0-20
  16. To buy or not to buy?
  17. Buying 3DS
  18. 3DS XL, small scratch on top screen, anything I can do?
  19. Copy games to non-cfw 3ds (possibility)
  20. How does a .CIA file work on the 3ds?
  21. Is it possible to change 3DS SD Cards without loosing Progress(saves) and Data?
  22. My 3DS home menu
  23. firmware 6.1.0-12U
  24. 3DS Update Incoming- Be Careful
  25. Backup and restore current firmware on 3DS
  26. Yet Another "Buying a New 3DS Thread"
  27. New 3DS User here.
  28. Firmware 4.5
  29. any one bought the "new" 3ds xl? is it worth it?
  30. new UK 3ds xl user.
  31. Help about open tabs in ''Old" nintendo 3ds ?
  32. 3ds updates
  33. Nintendo is already banning consoles
  34. Firmware on a refurbished 3DS XL?
  35. Help with backing up/transferring data...
  36. Error Code 002-0102, any clue somewhere ?
  37. Is Nintendo 3ds crackable or so ?
  38. Which Flashcard/CFW Are You Using On Your Console?
  39. downgrade 7.2 help
  40. Is my 3ds broken?
  41. 3DS Hardware
  42. Decrypt SEED games and Make cryptofix CIA yourself!
  43. [release]Encrypted System Update CDN CIA Unpacker.
  44. NWM UDS beacon encryption key (nwmbeacon_key)
  45. 3DS XL rom card help
  46. why doesnt some sonic games work on sky3ds
  47. Terraria 3ds?
  48. 3DS FW and BrowserVersion don't match
  49. How to install rxTools?
  50. I'm confused..
  51. 3ds wont boot. black screen on power up. led power indicator on
  52. Where can I find a 9.2 firmware? PLEASE!!!!!
  53. Help, for some reason, all 3ds hacks have simply stopped working.
  54. 3DS RXtools Cheat Menu?
  55. Are there 3ds firmware files on this website?
  56. Why can't i use another sd with the content of my gateway sd?
  57. HAX for O3DS XL 10.4
  58. Update 10.5.0-30 OUT NOW!!
  59. Pokemon Y Language Issue
  60. Is it possible to downgrade 10.4 running Browserhax to 9.2 for CFW?
  61. How big can a SD card be and how to transfer data?
  62. 3ds help
  63. WTF online play 3ds
  64. Cia to 3ds transfer
  65. Cia to 3ds transfer
  66. Questions About Reinand 3.2 (new 3ds Xl)
  67. sysupdater crashed
  68. Could anyone be kind enough to walk me through how to update my n3DS?
  69. Euro Pokemon bank + American Pokemon cartridge, will it work?
  70. Gatway card help
  71. Firmware: Hyrule n3DS XL
  72. Need Help!
  73. browserhax freeze old 3ds
  74. DSi to shut down next year
  75. Cia roms work on Citra emulator pc? I dont known which type of rom work on citra
  76. How to delete same icon on homescreen N3DS XL?
  77. Nintendo collect all the Datas? (Sky3ds)
  78. [PSA] Please don't upload cias made with PlaiCDN.
  79. Extdata List
  80. 3DS' Games Updates Stopper?
  81. Get $15 to spend on Amiibo, Video Games, plushies, etc..
  82. Flash card transfer pokemon X/Y or AS/OR
  83. Where I found my Saves data in my SD Card? I've Rx Tool and FBI installed...
  84. Brand New sky3ds+
  85. Questions to games from 3ds CAUTION! bad english and spanish text
  86. Pokemon Yellow Title ID for english (EU)?
  87. What FW are N3ds XL's now in stores?
  88. gateway play online private header
  89. [Request] Can someone help me update my 3DS CFW to 11.0
  90. Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam Bros Sky3ds issue
  91. Mario and Luigi Paper Jam sky3ds plus issue
  92. Can someone help me understand something about the ARM11/ARM9?
  93. Is it at all possible to convert JP n3DS to a US one yet?
  94. Trying to Cracking pokémon sun (LiveRecRoom)
  95. 11.2.0-35e downgrade + CFW
  96. Hi, in need of help here.
  97. Pokemon Moon Help
  98. Fire Emblem Fates question
  99. Lets Talk About: Super Mario Maker 3DS + Nintendo Network
  100. Regular DS games on Sky 3ds plus?
  101. when is safe to play online SMM?
  102. Super Mario Maker 3DS MISTERY MUSHROOM BUG???
  103. Streetpass friend help
  104. Emunand
  105. I have a problem...
  106. will not register internet connection
  107. Snes games on O3Ds
  108. A good site for 3DS eShop release list?
  109. Time to get a 3DS
  110. Test
  111. Time to get a 3DS
  112. Would .tik of dsiware downgrade games work? slowhax/waithax
  113. 3ds xl
  114. Request Unabn 3DS
  115. O3DS 11.2 downgrade w/o using hardmod or a ds already hacked.
  116. Can someone please help me?
  117. What Should I Install on My Hacked 3DS?
  118. Other then games or music
  119. Cannot format SD Card (CFW) :(
  120. NOOB questions -.-* Gateway 3ds
  121. Basic questions about sound hax
  122. playing DS games on 3DS
  123. NTRviewer question
  124. Where can I download a specific firmware?
  125. Nintendo 3DS running ver. 1.0.0-0U (original software)
  126. Play Backup ROMS On 3DS
  127. 3DS running 4.2 w/ no browser help please : )
  128. Does anyone know the Title ID for Yoshi and poochie?
  129. does anyone who knows what is the list number for mario 30th anniversary theme?
  130. Pokemon sun rom
  131. hello i need help finding
  132. Help with Skydock!
  133. Possible to Retreive Pokemon Moon Cartridge Save to Skyway3ds+?
  134. Help I update my old3ds to 11.5 (it was a mistake)
  135. Thank you
  136. can someone help me
  137. how to downgrade 11.6? pls help
  138. Can I use the regular eshop while im running CFW?
  139. CFW System transfer question
  140. How can I run/install homebrew channel
  141. I need a specific screenshot (Pokemon Yellow Virtual Console)
  142. Which card if I need one?
  143. Help with motion control
  144. Banwave
  145. can i get some info here???
  146. pokemon delta esmeralda
  147. Emulator
  148. 3ds death?
  149. [Poll] How do you play your 3DS games
  150. suck my brick
  151. can i play nds roms on 3ds? and a few other questions
  152. Puzzle and Dragons Mario Edition Not Saving Issue
  153. help please
  154. HELP!!! Black Screen !!Old 3ds ll downgrade (10.3->9.2) with wrong cia files
  155. Is it possible to run a 3DS rom on a Original or New 3DS?
  156. Question aout Ambassador Program
  157. how .3ds and .cia
  158. No-Intro ... no matches?
  159. Transferring Monster Hunter save from 3ds to switch
  160. Question MHGenUltimate /MHXX questions
  161. need help.... emunand
  162. ask
  163. Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Psychic Specters Confirmed working on Sky3DS(non plus version)
  164. Making a gb vc cia
  165. Películas 3ds
  166. cia not spoofed nor region unlocked..
  167. Looking for 3ds game sites for free download games!
  168. Help Please :)
  169. Assistance With Installing 3DS - SDK DevKit Tools (3DSWare) On O3DS
  170. test
  171. Need help, how to Update my CFW. and LUMA
  172. .3ds to cia help
  173. What's the best 3DS game you've ever played?
  174. 2ds xl / 3ds / 2ds
  175. Can CIAs be dangerous? Is bricking possible? How can i be safe?
  176. Game Recommendations plz
  177. 1M Sub-Circuit is not downloaded / Save Error.
  178. Is there already an alternative to the shut down free eShop?
  179. 3ds - just updated to 11.9, safe to use eshop to get needed updates for cia games?
  180. 3DS XL Only boots from sd card
  181. Restoring a 3ds and SD from backup only?
  182. New 3dsXL Problem
  183. Game Request: Colors! 3D :for 3DS
  184. Swapdoodle DLC CIA File.
  185. 3DS NDS game card 482 in one, 486 in one, 488 in one ,502 in one, 502 in one ...
  186. Gba