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  1. N3DS and Circle Pad Pro
  2. Looks like I'm going to have to import new 3DS from Australia, have questions though.
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  4. American N3DS will be on 9.0
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  6. What should i download, Just got N3DS and sky3ds on the way.
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  14. *SIGGGHHH* Should I get a N3DS XL?? From one pirate to another...
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  18. Is 3DS Xl worth keeping if you have New3dsXL
  19. How can I backup my N3DS microSD to a single file?
  20. Any news of patched AGB_FIRM on n3ds emunand?
  21. N3DS CFW/Card Question
  22. N3DS Help!
  23. How to know the firmware version needed to play a cia game / run a cia update ?
  24. Help on NEW 3DS
  25. Some info needed for New 3ds xl
  26. New XL Raw partition
  27. Problems with a 64GB MicroSD card.
  28. Good News
  29. icons disappear
  30. When will the latest version of rxtools be available?
  31. story of season black screen
  32. story of season black screen
  33. N3ds xl, cfw options
  34. Games downloaded from CIAngel not working
  35. Smash Brothers not working
  36. A few noob questions
  37. 3DS Case Question
  38. 3DS Save Data Question
  39. Shopping advice
  40. Sky3ds+ question
  41. HELP ASAP I cannot login my NNID
  42. Nintendo DS ROM on 3DS question
  43. (HELP) FW 8.1.0-0J need upgrade to ANY FW
  44. ROM releasing question
  45. Best 3ds save game backup
  46. NEW 3DS C-Stick Slippery Best Solution
  47. N3DS 9.9.0-20U Downgrade Please help
  48. Casual Multiplayer Experience
  49. New 3DS 11.2.0-35J Region Unlock
  50. Poor local signal on new a9lh installs
  51. NASA is not working
  52. NASA is not working
  53. N3ds xl a9lh
  54. Wanted "CART_ID" & "GAME_SAVE_KEY"
  55. Newbie with homebrew
  56. ID game Steel Divers Sub Wars EU
  57. Themely Error
  58. 3ds Banned
  59. New 2ds screen repair
  60. 3DS Private Header not working/working with Games!
  61. N3dsxl cfw/homebrew
  62. st1 to sav file
  63. Japanese 3ds ll
  64. Someone in Orlando
  65. issues after upgradeing sd card please help
  66. PkmnUM/US Instant crash when loaded
  67. Cia request
  68. Need Help, How to update Safely my New 3DS XL CFW, lUMA
  69. Trying to transfer 4GB?
  70. bigbluebox pokemon downloads, plz help
  71. Remove NNID before give away.
  72. Rest In Piece Miiverse
  73. Game recommendations?
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  75. New Nintendo 3DS region-lock question.