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  1. Project Sora dissolved.
  2. Mutant muds has more 3D gameplay than most 3D games...
  3. Kid Icarus: Uprising Friend Code Exchange! :)
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  7. Majora's Mask re-make information in A Link Between Worlds?
  8. pokemon X/Y: looking for Diancie
  9. What games have you bought for your 3DS?
  10. SOnic Lost World Cartridge Problem
  11. buy the flashcart with donwload pokemon X/Y
  12. Inazuma Eleven Go Light/Shadow Linking
  13. Hey guys im new i have a qestion
  14. Homebrew and your desires
  15. Suggest some good games?
  16. Animal Crossing:New Leaf Thread
  17. Guy plays Smash Bros. with GameCube controller
  18. For people who play MH4 on OG 3ds
  19. Fantasy life: Where is Cato Cove?
  20. Trimming
  21. Are Virtual Boy Games About To Hit The Nintendo 3DS?
  22. Hello, a newbie and a question on Fantasy Life :)
  23. I need help identifying these 3DS game IDs
  24. Willing to share my Animal Crossing villager saves with the forum
  25. Why are games like Pokemon OR/AS save in the rom and not the SD card?
  26. How can i share DLC's etc
  27. Zelda four swords anniversary collection cia, anywhere?
  28. Will there be a "New Super Mario Bros 3" game for 3DS ?
  29. Can you guys start a catalogue to access game links easily?
  30. [QUESTION] about CIA 3DS games
  31. 3ds friend codes and game titles I have
  32. CIA Vs ROM
  33. What is this cdn actually for??
  34. LF: Powersaves
  35. Real game saves and rom saves.
  36. Animal Crossing New Leaf Hacks
  37. future nintendo dlc provide is amiibo main
  38. why abstrackt scrutinize aeteroblade release?
  39. MH4G Hunting Buddy Thread
  40. Where can i find the thread of all the DLC .cia files??
  41. Could anyone explain where to find virtual console games and/or 3D classics?
  42. Is there another source of CIA games? especially JP game
  43. What happening with 3DS scene??!
  44. Experienced hunters for help and hire (Monster hunter 4 Ultimate)
  45. 4Go rom transfert problem
  46. MH4u save data tranfser to new 3ds xl and vice versa
  47. Monster HUnter 4 without second analog
  48. Tomodachi Life EUR/USA on a Taiwanese 3ds?
  49. Multiplayer using region lock hack?
  50. Roster update for Fifa 15 3DS rom
  51. MH4u too large for my r4
  52. Pokemon Y doesn't run "broken game"
  53. Posting Decrypted Title Keys and Title IDs
  54. 3DS Rom Decryption just got easier!
  55. Streetpass not working on emunand
  56. [New3DS] Do the Zelda exploit erase the previous savegame ?
  57. How to decrypt and extract ExeFS, Exheader & RomFS from CIA
  58. What's Xorpad?
  59. Why can't we play CIA games without flashcard?
  60. 3ds android drastic emulator help with rom
  61. Looking for Private EUR SecureInfo_A
  62. All my 3DS Games/Apps as of 4/4/15
  63. Few Question about Roms and Network
  64. Banned from Nintendo Network, now I'm stuck.
  65. want to play ironfall on 3ds 4.5 with cfw
  66. dump extract reinject games eshop plaza mii
  67. Sonic Chaos and GameGear/GigaDrive ROM related
  68. Attack on Titan World Mode Battle Squads
  69. GBA VC Virtual Console Customization
  70. Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains [Squad Registration]
  71. Attack on titan cia summary
  72. We need some printable AR cards!
  73. Lost all my AoT game saves cuz of update...
  74. Decrypting/Converting CIA to NDS format (DSiWare Specific Games)
  75. Accidently lost Pokebank
  76. Bravely Second - English Conversion
  77. Fire Emblem if DLC: What is going on?
  78. Newest Smash Update??!
  79. [Solved]help? RxTools with "Puzzle Dragon Super Mario Edtion"
  80. How to check wether a 3ds ROM region's is USA or EUROPE
  81. Monster Tale Ultimate
  82. Famicom Remix Best Choic JPN and Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX JPN on V10.1.0-27!
  83. Title Key and ticket.db collection
  84. looking for a good Dating sim game to play on 3ds.
  85. Question about Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Usa with Gateway
  86. Zelda Tri Force Heroes Demo Nintendo Codes for Demo
  87. wotking link The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes (EUR)
  88. Powersave 3DS for Zelda Triforce EUR
  89. Rank the SSB4 Playable Characters
  90. Question about FE: Fates Special Edition CIA/ROM [NA]
  91. Dating simulators?
  92. Fire Emblem Fates SE - how to unlock Revelations?
  93. Go games on 3DS
  94. Bravely Second USA Demo
  95. Is anyone else having trouble with skills when synthesizing in DQM: Joker 3?
  96. I'm taking donations for the Title Key website cause (JPN Games).
  97. Can someone dump the new AA6 Demo for me?
  98. A question for people who have started playing Pokemon moon.
  99. Gateway 3ds - Has anyone gotten banned from Pokemon by using Global Link?
  100. Why the lack of Xenoblade ROMS?
  101. Pokemon sun trading anyone?
  102. Katana weapon in games
  103. MHGen Quests?
  104. A game JUST like zelda ALBW?
  105. Monster Hunter Stories unable to share rider card greeting
  106. Monster Hunter Stories Crashes at Oasum Village
  107. MurderLands
  108. Monster hunter xx question.
  109. The Light Of Reason on Nintendo 3ds!
  110. Calcio
  111. Need Super Smash Bros 3DS Ichigo skin for Cloud
  112. pokemon delta esmeralda
  113. Blaster Master Zero .3DS
  114. Pokemon ultra sun trade
  115. FreeShop
  116. Shakedown Hawaii anyone else excited
  117. Those Hidden Gems...
  118. download problems
  119. Zelda tri-force Hero: come play!
  120. Language in games
  121. Pokemon sun
  122. MURDERLANDS - TWO NEW TEASERS (3DS exclusive summer 2019)
  123. Pkmn us cant encounter pichu!!!!
  124. Looking for suggestions
  125. Making art with my 3DS... game and software suggestions?
  126. Fire Emblem 3DS Games [JPN]
  127. Free GBA Games!