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  1. [Request] Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Cards - Volumes 2,3,4
  2. [REQUEST] Duck hunt duo and Mr Game and Watch BIN files
  3. [REQUEST] Mario Silver Edition with special data still on it.
  4. [Request] 8-Bit Mario 30th Anniversary - Modern Colors
  5. [Request] Mii Fighters
  6. [Request] Skylanders Amiibo
  7. [Request] Japanese ROB
  8. [Request] Chibi-Robo
  9. [Request] Dump from an actual Palutena Amiibo.
  10. [Request] Shovel Knight Amiibo
  11. [Request] Mega Yarn Yoshi
  12. [Request] Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures
  13. [Request] Wolf Link Amiibo
  14. [Request] Gold Mega Man.
  15. [Request] Non pre-release Lucas, Ryu, Roy.
  16. [Request] Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card
  17. [Request] Rover, Kapp'n, Isabelle, Timmy & Tommy Amiibo
  18. [Request] Callie/Marie Splatoon
  19. [Request] AC cards #338 #362 #364 #366
  20. List of Missing Amiibo Dumps [WE NEED YOUR HELP]
  21. Boo for Mario Party Series and Monster Hunter Story Series
  22. [Request ]Animal Crossing Amiibo Card 338 - Fang
  23. [Request] Anyone have access to new Sanrio ACNL cards?
  24. [Request] Poochy Amiibo
  25. Majora's Mask Link for BOTW
  26. unreleased Twilight Princess Link Amiibo for BotW (NOT Wolf Link)
  27. Powertag bin
  28. [REQUEST] Fire Emblem Echoes Amiibos
  29. One Piece Super Grande Batalha! X amiibo
  30. New Pikmin amiibo
  31. [Request] Amiibo Requests
  32. [Request] Amiibo splatoon 2 Bin
  33. [Request] Cloud Corrin and Bayonetta
  34. Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo bins
  35. Metroid: Samus Returns
  36. [Request] Fire Emblem Tiki & Chrom
  37. Lots of the Same BotW Amiibo for N2 Elite
  38. [Request]Detective Pikachu File
  39. [Request] Shovel Knight Amiibo Series (Plague Knight, Specter Knight, King Knight)
  40. [REQUEST] Fire Emblem Female Robin bin file
  41. Skylanders Imaginators
  42. [REQUEST]Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball for Switch JP store exclusive amiibo cards
  43. [Request] Link's Awakening (Switch) Link Amiibo