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  1. List of working flashcarts after 3DS v3.0.0-6 Update
  2. DS Roms
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  14. 3DS V4.4 help!
  15. What card do you have for your 3DS?
  16. Will someone ever come out with a free non flash card softmod for 3ds?
  17. Card for 2DS
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  19. Best card to play DS games?
  20. What Is The Best Card For 3DS
  21. UK Or Trusted Flashcard Sites To Buy From ?
  22. Which 3DS flashcart will play MAME, SNES, GBA and DS games?
  23. What 3DS flashcard should i get?
  24. Flash Card Advice
  25. Best Flash Card for 3DS
  26. One MAJOR Reason You Might Wanna Avoid Gateway: It Can Purposely Brick Your 3DS.
  27. K3DS, First 2in1 3DS flash card will out in late July!
  28. K3DS card new picture revealed
  29. Solved: Don't know which one to buy
  30. K3ds First 2in1 3DS flashcard production has started
  31. Questions, concerns and advice for NEW 3DS Flashcarts (September 2014)
  32. flash card
  33. Noobie advice
  34. The comparison between r5sdhc and sky3ds
  35. Where can i buy a EZ Flash IV or EZ Flash 3 in 1? (netherlands)
  36. 3DSLink
  37. Which one works?
  38. Game regions?
  39. current options for 9.2.0-20...
  40. Trusted Reseller Website?
  41. A new guy with limitations needing a flashcart
  42. Extracting save from Pokemon Omega Ruby Retail
  43. Is now a bad time to buy a flashcart?
  44. ncardcanada scamming me?
  45. about how early should i expect to be playing majora's mask 3d?
  46. A noob needs yoiur help
  47. Cheap flashkart that can launch gateway mode
  48. Teensy and new3dscard.co.uk
  49. New Nintendo 3ds
  50. Doubt about the Gateway and the Sky3ds
  51. New and just wanna play smash bros.
  52. new, and I want to play old ds games with flashcard in my new 3ds
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  54. Newbie and need some help!!
  55. Where does 3dstown.com ship from?
  56. Custom Chun Li 3DS Theme
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  58. 3DS 9.5.0-23 released, sky3ds and r4i card still works
  59. New to the 3ds rom scene
  60. Best flashcart at the moment?
  61. Halp Please!
  62. best SD card for gateway and sky3ds
  63. k3ds problems and the 18 hour journey
  64. Flashcart Help?
  65. Link card
  66. Best budget flash cart?
  67. flash card frenzy help pls
  68. flash cart noob pls help
  69. Blue 3DS Flashcart , New Card For all New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS(US,EU,JP)
  70. can UK region game header use for other US region game to go online?
  71. New 3ds
  72. Questions about 3ds CFW and updating CIA Files.
  73. Should I move to gateway?
  74. R4i Gold 3DS slupports the newest 3DS V10.3.0-28
  75. r4i gold RTS? good if wanting NDS only?
  76. Is Gateway the best flashcard for me, or...?
  77. What options do I have on 10.6.0-31E Firmware?
  78. Do I need to buy a flashcard?
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  81. NDS flashcart for n3DS XL on 11.2 CFW?
  82. ds and 3ds flashcards where to buy ???
  83. R4i-B9S card is here!
  84. Thinking of buying a flashcard again
  85. Cheapest card to play nds games only?
  86. What and where do I buy one just for DS?
  87. Stargate troubles
  88. New GBA flashcart- EZ-FLASH Omega released
  89. Flashcards from wish
  90. Sky3ds 3ds flashcard play 3ds games on any 3ds console version latest v11.6.0-39
  91. How do you think Switch SX flashcart from TEAM XECUTER?
  92. stargate 3ds 11.6.39E
  93. new 11.8.0-41 update
  94. About Switch SX Pro/ SX OS: Update Info & Switch Game Test
  95. AceNS Loader with built-in Payload ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SXOS for Switch
  96. AceNS Pro Loader including AceOS for Switch Game playing