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    Request: Space Jam, please?

  2. Any chance of adding Space Jam? Doesn't have to...

  3. REQUEST: Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D (Project Restoration)

  4. Can you add the Base Game, Update, and DLC for...

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    No, but there should be.

  6. Remove decryption key please, @justinbug2? Thx.

  7. Much better, thanks.

  8. Decryption key is still there.

  9. =QUOTE QUOTEmememan1234;539886] So are you...

  10. REQUEST: Shovel Knight Treasure Trove (US) Base CIA and Update CIA (If any)

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    Anyone have the base and update CIAs for Shovel...

  12. Can you make a compilation of Luma cheats,...

  13. Thanks for Fire Emblem Warriors base game and...

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    Do you happen to have the latest update for...

  15. (Request) Tales of the Abyss (Undub), and Conception II (Undub), please?

  16. reupload, pls? thx.

  17. Can you add Fire Emblem Warriors, the latest...

  18. Can you add the DLC for Rusty's Real Deal...

  19. Can you add Moemon Firered Randomizer, and...

  20. So, drill dozer has been fixed?

  21. sonic pinball party, and Final Fantasy V Advance,...

  22. Anyone have the CIAs for both Spirit Hunter Inc....

  23. Another request! You happen to have the CIAs for...

  24. OK, I know that this has been dumped before,...

  25. You can get DSiWare on the 3DS eShop in Japan,...

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